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Who Paid For Ronaldinho’s Bail? Was it Lionel Messi?

by Sinisav

Ronaldinho’s bail to get out of Paraguayan jail was paid from a bank account based in Barcelona. Everyone has only one man on their minds who could do this. The owner of the bank account is anonymous. But what we know is that it’s based in this Catalan city, and this narrows down the number of suspects.

Former Barcelona superstar was released from his jail-cell in Asuncion and awaits his trial. The bail was set at 1.5 million euros, and this sum was paid in full. According to Argentinian media outlet TNT, Ronaldinho Gaucho doesn’t have any money, as all of his assets are either frozen or confiscated. But there’s a doubt that he stashed some of his money as he was afraid that confiscation is going to happen, so he emptied his bank accounts.


Source: www.rt.com

Now we have a lingering question on our hands. Was it someone close to Ronaldinho who paid the bail, or was it the footballer himself. What we do know is that the money came from Barcelona. TNT confirmed this to sources from Asuncion.

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Everyone is wondering who paid it, and more and more people suspects it was Lionel Messi. Others claim that it might be his former club Barcelona. This wouldn’t be a surprise as Ronaldinho was the one who resurrected Barcelona in the mid-2000s and allowed them to become global super-power in football they are today. He and Messi shared the filed in the period 2006-2008.

The money will be returned only in a case that Ronaldinho doesn’t flea the country. But, this shouldn’t happen as he’s prepared to wait for his trial in Paraguay. He was detained after entering the country with a fake passport. His brother accompanies him.

Source: telegraf.rs