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What Makes the Best Brownie?

by Elsa Stringer

Anyone who loves brownies can tell a bad recipe from a good one, just by taking a taste. But what makes a brownie good? The answer depends on the person. Some people like thick, fudgy brownies and other people enjoy a cake consistency when they bite into a brownie.

Some people like a dark chocolate flavour that isn’t too sweet, while others prefer milk chocolate and the sweet taste it offers. No matter what kind of you prefer, there are some rules to follow to ensure that it’s the best one you’ve ever tasted.

Use Melted Chocolate


To make the best one, you want to stay away from recipes that call for cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate. Using melted chocolate in your brownie batter creates a finished product that is fudgy and rich. If you see a recipe that omits melted chocolate, keep looking if you want to make the best one.

Only Use Real Butter


The best one is always going to be made with real butter. Some baking recipes work well and have a great flavour without butter, but it tend to taste better if you use it instead of your other options. Avoid recipes that call for margarine, apple sauce or oil because they won’t taste the same. If you want to avoid butter, use a vegan recipe rather than substituting. A vegan recipe will have been tried and tested with ingredients that all each other and work well together.

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Use Quality Chocolate


If you want a really outstanding batch of brownies, pay attention to the quality of the chocolate you use. You may think that a bag of chocolate chips is perfectly fine for your favourite one, but the truth is that you’ll be better off using high-quality baking chocolate. Not only does this give you a much better flavour, but it improves the texture of itat the same time. A good quality butter will also improve the results of your brownies.

Choose the Right Flour


As you can imagine, flour plays a big part in the texture and taste of it. Whole grain flour generally results in a tougher batch so if that’s the type you want to use, opt for a pastry version, which helps keep the brownies fluffy and light. You might be surprised to find that baking it with gluten-free flour, such as almond flour, helps eliminate a chewy texture and results in a fudgier end result.

Add in Some Extra Flavour


The straight chocolate one is great, but you can really jazz them up by adding a touch of a flavour enhancer. You have quite a few options here, but some popular ones include vanilla extract, instant coffee, or a touch of salt. You can add any of these items even if the recipe doesn’t call for it.

You might also add nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts or pecans, or chopped cherries work great too. Of course, you can also top the brownies with icing for an extra decadent treat.

When you want to indulge in the perfect one, the recipe makes all the difference. Feel free to test, out a few until you find that you deem perfect.

There are many different recipes available on the internet that you can use for making a delicious one. All these recipes are the same, but they have some differences but the basic recipe of a brownie is as follows- before looking into the recipe, let’s first look at what are the ingredients that are required to make it.



To make a perfect one 2 eggs and water are important to achieve the moist texture of brownies and if you are using them there will be no need of baking powder, eggs are essential for helping it to puff up.

It is very important to use powdered sugar which contains corn starch, which helps just to make a better thick without any chemical additives, using powdered sugar is very important because normal sugar can cause lumps into the batter

Cocoa powder is another important ingredient that is used to make it, it adds flavour to it. Vanilla extract is also used to enhance the chocolate flavour.

Oil is another important ingredient that is required while making it just like The chef style.

And that was all!! all these are the ingredients that are required to make a fantastic and after knowing all of them now we can look into the recipe of it.

Recipe of a brownie step by step


1st step

The first step to make it is to mix the dry ingredients that are sugar, flour, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, fruits and some salt and wet ingredients that are- eggs, olive oil and water into the separate bowl.

2nd step

The second step is to combine both the wet and dry ingredients, sprinkle the dry mixture over the wet one by adding a little amount of it until they are combined, make sure that your better is not too thick.

3rd step

The third step is to pour the batter into the tin. Use the rubber spatula to spread the batter into all the four sides of the tin and doesn’t forget to smooth the top.

4th step

This is better top, in this the step you have to bake it and for baking them you have to preheat your oven and then set the temperature of 325 degrees and wake them for 35 to 40 minutes and then check it by inserting a toothpick in it if it comes out without any cramps attach then it is ready to let it cool completely and then keep it into the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes and then cut down the slices.

Final worlds


Now, its time to have a delicious one with your loved ones, friends, guests. Your dish is ready. You can serve your brownie with milk or ice cream. Specially to kids, they will love it for sure. Its a treat they love to have anytime at home.