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What is User Experience in Web Design?

by Jajce d Muckic

User experience refers to an overall experience of a user using your website, computer application or any product. It tells you how they use it, when do they start getting a hang of it, and what they really feel about it. It also refers to how the users can achieve their objectives and goals from the website. It is interesting to know that users do feel positive or negative about your specific website or its web design. A user’s experience perfectly tells what image or impression a user or a site visitor creates in his mind regarding your website. Is it easy to use, clear or unclear; does it have high visibility, is it stuffy or precise?

As the use of mobile devices and sales being made on mobile devices are on a steep increase you should have a mobile-friendly and fast website in order to offer your visitors a good user experience.

The difficulties involved


All of this refers to the cons that make the user feel negative about your site. Moreover, if the site is too slow and difficult to understand, the site visitor will not be able to achieve the goals he wanted from the site. The use of unclear and extra information will also leave a negative impression for frequent or new site visitors. Is the design understandable or does it stop them from going into the site’s depth? Is it hard to use on mobile devices? All these technical points are important in creating a positive user experience for web design.

Perks of a Good Web Design


Good user experience is ensured by a well-designed website that the user is satisfied with. Creating a positive impression for a good user experience is really important if you are a web designer or you simply manage a site. Users will become frustrated if the web design makes it hard to navigate around. A bad design would make users uncomfortable and they might be forced to leave your site. Moreover, major inconveniences result in demotivation and discouragement. Website visitors won’t want to use your site again and this might result in you losing potential clients.

Providing a good user experience helps you gaining credibility amongst your potential customers. This will set a good precedent and your relationship with your users will take a turn for the good. Knowing your users will help you analyze their site usage with a clear mindset. A good user experience keeps users involved with your website and does not let them get off track. Which is important to keep the bounce rate of your website as low as possible. This could be a major leap in turning leads into sales.

Key points to remember


For positive user experience, some major key points to remember about good web design are as follows:

  • Make sure that you have a mobile friendly website that works flawlessly across all devices.
  • Higher visibility of content and text helps in mitigating potential issues.
  • Noting down details and information about any data is important.
  • An efficiently functioning website leads to a good response from your site visitors.
  • A clear picture and minimum technicalities will remove most, if not all, queries of users.

Knowing what to do is of no use if you don’t know how to put your knowledge to good use. So, put your expertise in the right direction and wait for the time when your website would rule the Internet. But the option to contact a professional web design studio, like alicewondermarketing.com is always an option. Companies like that will help you to create website based on user experience.