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11 Different Types of Hugs and Their Meaning

by Elsa Stringer

On 21st January, the US celebrates National Hugging Day, and since recently not just US, but also the rest of the world, because this holiday became international. Strengthening the immune system, reducing stress and boosting self-steem are just some of the benefits hugs could bring you. We made a list of 11 different types of hugs and let us tell you all about it.

11. Self-hug

If you need a comfort, or want to feel calmed or hortative, and no one is around you, or you just don’t need to be around anyone, you can hug yourself. It has a good therapeutic effect.


10. Slow Dance Hug

One’s arms are on the partner’s neck and the other’s arms are gently holding their partner’s waist, while having strong eye contact, sharing smiles, and having a suave conversation. This hug can be classified as a romantic hug.


9. Unequal-height Hug

Because of the difference in height, a taller partner needs to bend a bit, and shorter can stand on their tiptoes, so they could assimilate. This hug is usually the hug between people in romantic relationship.


8. A Hug From Behind

This is one of the most eloquent hugs. The person hugging from behind is usually ready to take responsibility and give necessary protection to the person they are hugging. A reverse hug is signifying deep feelings from the person hugging from behind.


7. Heard-to-heart Hug

This hug is often the long and consoling one. And the person leaning on the chest of the other, is asking for approval of some kind.This hug is endearing, kind and close.


6. Cuddle

Just like the previous, this hug is also long and is giving a sense of happy satisfaction. It is usually followed with pleasant words. It is common between people in love.


5. A-shape Hug

This is a common hug when first meeting someone and usually it doesn’t last long. If it does last little longer, it is because the people hugging are those who broke up and are missing each other, or because they are secretly in love with each other. It is known as a teepee hug, and it is where two people lean toward each other with the upper parts of their bodies.


4. Group Hug

Friends or collegues are the ones practicing this hug, especially after achieving something worthwhile, or before starting a project. It simbolizes exchange of energy, showing togetherness and support for each other.


3. Men’s Hug

This hug lacks eye contact, is really quick, involves only the upper body parts, is followed by a couple of back pats, and is common between two men.


2. One-arm Side Hug

When two people sitting or standing next to each other, want to express support or to cheer one another, they demonstrate this type of hug, which is usually quick. If it last longer, mostly it means it is a couple hug, and it can be seen in the cinema or theater.


1. Bear Hug

This hug is very likeable amongst females. Affection and closeness is what it means. Yet, it is a common situation that the male partner, usually the one who initiated the hug, hurts the female, because he didn’t take full control over his strenght.


Make sure you tell us about your favorite hugs in the comments. We will be happy to read about your experience and thoughts.