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What Is The Qatar Airways Email Scam And How To Stay Safe

by Elsa Stringer

The cybercrime and revealing of private information is the common thing in this century, and people often are not safe on the internet. Many infections can be spread through the email, and ransomware viruses can harm your computer and private documents. In this article, we will answer the question of what is the Qatar Airways email scam and who is the target user? The target user can be put in the danger of revealing private documents and information and then forced to give the money for fixing your software. That is the scam you should not fall for.

Every information about airline flights is a sensitive topic because everyone wants to be on time and do not want to miss an airplane. This is a great field for cybercriminal because all users will go for updates from well-known airplane company, even the people who do not travel. Everyone will open an email from the company such as Qatar Airways. When you receive in your inbox an email from a famous company, Qatar Airways, it will draw your attention for sure, and that is the way how manipulation goes.


Those emails are fake with the subject “Eticket (reference code)“, and they almost look like the email from the Qatar Airways. The emails are very convincing because the impostors stole the logo of the brand. In those emails, you have a notification about flight booking event. In most cases, email recipients have not booked an airplane ticket lately, but everyone has the curiosity to find out what is going on and why they received that email from an airplane company. The first thought of people is that someone is booked an airplane ticket in their name.

In the email is written, “ Thank you for booking with Qatar Airways. We have received your booking under reference (random number).
Yours sincerely,
Qatar Airways “


You can also view the details of this request by following this link (phony hyperlink).
That link leads us to the main problem, when you click on the phony hyperlink you will go on the page which contains obfuscated scripts. Those scripts will infect your device with harmful code, and after that, they will search for your money. You will be drawn in some kind of cryptocurrency project, and you will read about celebrities you make the fortune on that way, you will just need to invest in ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Also, if you click on the phony link you can trigger a malware contamination chain, and your documents will be accessible at any time.

If this happened to you, and your computer, you can efficiently fix that with security software. Help can be obtained on the Soft2Secure.com website.

Qatar Airways Email Scam


You must remember there is no such thing as a free Qatar Airways ticket.

“It has come to our attention that members of the public are receiving a link that appears to be from Qatar Airways or any of the subsidiaries of the Qatar Airways Group, where it falsely states they can book travel tickets as part of an anniversary promotion. Please note that such a link may come from unknown domains that mimic an official Qatar Airways website, and may ask you to reply to share information to claim an offer. Such links are phishing scams that could compromise your personal information. These are false offers requesting that you share it before unlocking the offer,“ the company wrote on their official Twitter account.