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What Is The Best Touhou Game?

by Elsa Stringer

The world of gaming and the world of games are constantly changing and there are thousands of new games coming each year. Among those, it is really hard to find one which would catch player’s attention and actually keep a player to play a game for a long time. When the world of gaming is concerned, Touhou games have also become increasingly popular due to the things that they offer to their players. We would now try to find out the best Touhou game.

1. Imperishable Night


This one is usually the first on the list due to its plot and the effect it has. It needs to be mentioned that the game was released on the 15th August in 2004 during the 66th Comiket and it has been one of the most popular games since then. The game is a classical shooter one and the development was done by Team Shanghai Alice. It needs to be also added that the game was made for Windows OS.

2. Perfect Cherry Blossom


The first time we saw this one was on the 17th August in 2003 during the 64th Comiket which is held in Japan. It should be noted that the game has immediately became a hit and it is a shooter game with vertical scrolling. The development was done by Team Shanghai Alice.

3. The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil


When this game is concerned it is also a shooter game, and a vertical one, and it needs to be mentioned that Team Shanghai Alice designed it to be used by Windows OS. It is very active, with amazing characters and it has a lot of followers and fans.

4. Mountain of Faith


The debut of this one took place in August 2007 during the 72nd Comiket. It should be also noted that the game has the same creator as ZUN does. As far as the game itself is concerned, it should be noted that the game is a shooter and that it is a scrolling one.

5. Scarlet Weather Rhapsody


The design and making of this one was also done by Team Shanghai Alice and it is one of the best game that they have made in terms that it became increasingly popular not only in Asia but also in the West.

6. Phantasmagoria of Flower View


When the categorization of this one is concerned, we need to mention that it is a scrolling shooting game. It needs to be mentioned that the game is a part of the series that actually has three games and the game is good since it provides a lot of fighting that can be done on multiple levels of difficulty.

7. Fairy Wars


The game was presented for the first time during the 78th Comiket in Japan on the 14th August 2010. Since then, it has caught a lot of attention due to the plot it has and it should be also added that this is also a manga game.