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The Worst PC Games Ever

by Dangula Bingula

Even despite the great competition among the PC games, once in a while, the most anticipated releases become the biggest disappointment among the players. Regardless of the marketing campaign and the whole fuzz around them, some games are doomed from the very beginning. Let’s have a look at the biggest fails in the PC game world.


Takedown: Red Sabre

When it was only about to be released, it was promoted as something truly worth the wait. Unfortunately, the game turned out to be a complete disaster. Originally, the idea was good – a first-person shooter, exotic locations, realistic graphics… Eventually, that all resulted in countless bugs and malfunctions making gamers from all around the world hating this game to the core. It looks like a creation of someone who never learned anything about programming and one day thought something like “Hey, I’m going to make my own game website!”



Probably, everyone has heard of Hellboy by now, but there were times when this character was not that popular. Long before the movie came out, some gaming studio decided to try and create this ‘masterpiece’. We do not even know where to begin with explaining why this game is bad. Is it the horrible voice over recording, or even worse graphics, or the illogical storyline. This game seems to be covering all the possible fail bases there are.


Ride to Hell: Retribution

It is so bad that it is almost good at times. If you decide to try it out, you will play as a member of a biker community from the 60s. However, do not get your hopes up as this game is so horrible you most likely will not be able to finish it. It is hard to even highlight the worst part about it as all of them are equally bad. The graphics are constantly lagging. There are so many bugs, you will get tired of counting them. The audio is dumpster and the plot is lacking twists. Think twice before playing this.


The You Testament

Usually, games are trying to avoid religious topics, but the creators of this one apparently thought that creating a game about Jesus might be fun. Well, obviously they were wrong. The plot of this one is quite simple: you just get to follow Jesus around and…occasionally kick him. Sometimes, he will yell at you and sometimes he will let you slap his second cheek. As you see, the game is quite unusual, if not to say disturbing.


Umbrella Corps

The company, that is responsible for this game’s creation, had messed up more than once in the past with its products. This one is not an exception. Originally, this game was set up in the Resident’s Evil universe and was presented to the audience as a multiplayer shooter. What turned this game into a mess it is now, is the lack of proper plot sequences and poor controls. Not to mention, that the community of this game’s fans seems to be just as dead as zombies from Umbrella Corps.



Have you ever tried playing any of the games listed above? Do you have any other games to add?

Sure, there is more to that list as bad games are being released every now and then. Just remember, that the worst game can be easily turned into the best one with just the right attitude!