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What is eTA? And how to get your Visa Online?

by Edvard Berlusconi

Applying for an eTA is a simple, time-efficient, online process. Most people will receive an email with their eTA approval within minutes of applying. However, some request might take a few days to process if you have been asked to submit supporting documents. However, keep in mind that it is important to get an eTA before traveling since you might be required to show it when boarding a plane. In this article, you will be able to read about what is an eTA, as well as how to get a visa online. Let’s take a look:

What is Electronic Travel Authorization?

An Electronic Travel Authorization or an eTA for short is an entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to countries by air. It is linked to the person’s passport electronically and it is valid for up to five years or until the passport expires. Also, if you get a new passport, you will need to get a new eTA as well. With this valid authorization, you can travel to countries as often as you want for shorter stays which are usually up to six months at a time.

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Who needs an eTA?

1. People who need an Eta:

– Visa-exempt nationals need one to fly or transit to the country. However, if you are arriving by car, bus, boat, or train, you will not need one.

2. People who are eligible to apply for an eTA

People from specific visa-required countries can be eligible to apply for this electronic visa, however, they will need one when arriving by bus, car, boat, or train. If you want to see more information about eTA, visit https://evisa.express.

Overview of the eTA application process

Let’s take a look at the steps you should take when applying for an eTA:

  1. Get your passport, debit or credit card ready, and read the help document that you will find on the website.
  2. Use the online form to apply for the eTA. Keep in mind that the form cannot be saved, so have all the information ready.
  3. Pay the necessary fee after you complete filling in the form.
  4. Get an email about your eTA application. As mentioned earlier, most applicants get approved within minutes of applying.


  1. You might need to submit documents before your application form is approved. If this occurs, an email will be sent with instruction within the next 72 hours.

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Important Reminders

You should know that you can only apply and pay for one person at a time. For example, if you are traveling with your family of three, you will need to complete individual forms for all three family members. When you receive the confirmation email, make sure that you print your receipt right away. You will receive your eTA approval via email only, hence, make sure that you check your junk folder.


As you can see, it is not difficult to apply for an online visa. All you will have to do is follow the instructions and you are good to go.