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What Is Ceramic Coating?

by Elsa Stringer

When your car wax starts to break down and deteriorate more often it just makes you feel tired and ‘over it’. We understand than there is nothing more beautiful than a shiny, new and glossy car, but to keep it that way can be a pain. Washing the car is not only labour intensive, but also takes up time and costs quite a fair bit.

Adding a wax is an excellent way to keep your car protected and shiny, but frankly speaking, they are not as durable. If you are looking for a premium car wax on steroids, then perhaps ceramic coating is what you need at the moment. It is an emerging technology tapping into the automotive industry with decades of valuable use in other industries such as the military eg.


Army, Aviation and Navy for its excellent protection properties and everlasting durability. The quartz or liquid polymer bonds with your car paint and helps it provide a long-lasting shine. The fine, thin coating has to be manually applied to your car by hand and by a reputable professional like Schmicko.

This way, the new car paint protection is provided by the nanotechnology that seals the whole surface, like a defensive barrier. This car coating is easy to maintain and does not need frequent visits to the car wash. It gives your car significant overall better protection. Continue reading the article to know more about this amazing technology and why many exotic cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghinis are always coated in this advanced secret.

What is the ceramic coating?


The simplest way to have a clear idea about a ceramic coating is to imagine them as a second coat or layer of skin. You may even think as a votive layer of paint protection over the car’s clear-coat. The liquid polymer has to be applied to the exterior of your car by hands.

This coating bonds chemically with your vehicle’s factory paint and creates an invisible layer of protection. Keep in mind that ceramic coatings are not an alternative to paint protection film that provides comprehensive defense. Rather, it is a premium wax alternative with many benefits.

This kind of coating utilizes nanotechnology. These are very minute particles that form a tiny, fine layer invisible to the naked eye. When applied to the surface, they seal the pores and makes the surface water-repellent (hydrophobic). They resist UV rays, chemicals, scratches, and extreme heat.

How does it help with the car paint?


The biggest benefit of this kind of coating lies in its effective protection against dirt and pollutants that hamper your car’s paint and make it appear older. Here is how the ceramic coating helps your car paint.

Shiny / glossy finish – Normal car waxes get dull when they are exposed in the open for a longer time. With ceramic coating, your car gets a high gloss finish that doesn’t even fade when exposed under sun or passage of time.

Protection against pollutants – The coating provides protection from pollutants such as brake fluids, gasoline, corrosive chemicals, and so on. It acts as a barrier against UV rays as well, which causes your car’s color to fade.

Hard and scratch-resistant – When it comes to scratches, this type of coating acts as a shell. However, that doesn’t mean your car gets immune to them. It saves the exterior of your car from everyday scratches from buses, bikes, parking lots, etc.

Excellent durability as it last years – As compared to any other kind of layer of ‘paint protection’ like car wax (liquid, spray or paste) or paint sealants, ceramic car coatings tend to last for a prolonged time. We are talking about a month or so in comparison to years of immaculate shine and gloss. That is right multiples times longer without the headache.

Why it is better than car wax?


Car wax is ineffective and much cheaper than ceramic coatings, which is they there is a HUGE difference in pricing between the two. Car wax provides less durability by far, which is why it is much easier to apply and remove than automotive ceramic coatings. Although, they work well in harsh conditions it is most likely for a maximum of one month, and not more than that.

The key difference here is the content in ceramic paint protection that allows it to harden like glass once dried. This is why it is extremely hard to remove ceramic once dried and cannot be removed by hand but by a machine buffer. Ceramic paint has an element of hardness as compared to the car wax. As such, they provide great reliability and toughness known as 9H.

When you opt for ceramic painting, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance costs. This saves you lots of time and gives you complete peace of mind. By wiping the surface of your car every now and then, your car’s exterior would remain in good condition. You will notice the next time you wash your car how easy it is to clean than before, all thanks to its super-hydrophobic and water-repelling properties.

Why it is important to have a professional do it for you?


If you are looking to get the ceramic paint done from the car dealership you bought the car from, you need to consider this before doing so. Most car dealers provide this service at a higher price and utilize very cheap products, chances are, another professional detailer can offer you a much better deal in both quality and price.

But don’t, go to cheap as it could be just as worse, sometimes you get what you pay for. Always find a reputable Detailer with excellent reviews on Google and has a great website as it could give an idea of their professionalism. Besides, car coating kits can costs a few hundred dollars already, so if there is a service for just a few hundred, you may be better off thinking twice about it as it could be a very low quality paint protection and not even ceramic-based.

This is why you need to get the job done by a professional company that is experts in this relevant area. The experts are highly experienced in applying ceramic paint with greater skill and precision. As such, your car gets the best treatment while applying the coat and it stays good for several months.

Only a professional can apply the coating by using high-quality products. Many coatings may react differently with the environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. Hence, you need a professional for such a service..

The most important benefit of the coating is the ability to improve the shine of your car’s paint and keep its appearance like a new vehicle. It feels a lot smoother when it is about washing your car.