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Choosing Car Wax for Best Results

by Jajce d Muckic

Any shiny, well-kept car looks impressive and luxurious, indicating the social status of its owner. To achieve a needed effect, you can use car polish or wax. The latter option for car surface treatment is considered the most practical for the vast majority of motorists. It is the choice of wax that becomes problematic; so, inexperienced motorists often remain unhappy with their choice of wax and the final result. So, it is necessary to decide what kind of wax will be the best for your particular car. Our article today will be dedicated to this topic.

Let’s Go Over the Types of Wax Car Care Products

  • There are several types of wax among car detailing supplies today. Not all of them are equally good, easy to apply and seal the result for a long time. Besides, let’s remember why wax is applied in the first place:
  • To preserve the paint and varnish of the car
  • To protect the car from external factors
  • To form a reliable, protective film
  • To protect from corrosion
  • So let’s find out what’s the best wax for your car: the one that not only can leave your car shiny, but can also protect it and prepare it for future use.

Spray Wax


  • It is not coincidental that we start the overview with this type of wax – let’s make sure that we mention it now and forget about it, because this is the worst type of wax on the market. Even the fact that it’s easy to apply does not give it any extra points. If you wash your car a few times or drive in the rain – your wax coat will evaporate completely. And you will have to treat the surface of your car once again.

Liquid Wax

  • The next type of car wax is worth our attention. Its application requires more effort, time and compliance with the technology, but the result will please you and linger. It is necessary to remove any water from the surface of the clean car before applying liquid wax. Wait for about three minutes and wash off the excess wax with water, blow water off and carefully polish the car to a brilliant shine.

Paste Wax


  • If you apply paste wax properly, its effect will last for about three months. You might come across another name for this product – hard wax. It can be applied only to a dry, clean surface, and requires careful polishing or, in other words, rubbing of wax into the surface of the car.

Synthetic Wax

  • It is a common type of vehicle protection product, which is also used as an ingredient in other car care products. It has a liquid structure and it is easy to apply; the result lasts for a long time (up to six months).
  • Experts recommend using synthetic waxes during winter and paste or liquid wax – during summer.
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Hot Wax

  • This kind of wax creates an outstanding shine of the car surface. Protective qualities are also very strong. It must be used with hot water. If you are wondering whether to choose hot or cold wax, go with the first option. It is extremely important that you choose a good-quality product, for example: Turtle. This wax has been tested by many motorists who remained happy with the result.

The Choice of Wax: Does it Depend on the Color of the Car?

  • It may sound strange, but it is also necessary to consider the color of the car when choosing car wax. Many users do not know what kind of wax to apply to their white car: they take a guess and end up making the wrong choice. It is well-known that the snow-white color makes all the negative effects of the environment clearly visible. So, car care products for white cars require having the following set of features:
  • Provide the car surface with a brilliant deep shine
  • Ensure a long-term, reliable protection
  • Prevent settling of dust
  • Enhance color
  • A very good car care product for white cars is the wax by Chemical Guys. It is called White. Another one – Turtle Wax T-6A – is no less powerful and does an amazing job on white cars.
  • According to LiamsCar, for black cars, motorists need to choose completely different products. First of all, it is necessary to consider buying Turtle Wax Black Box. After using it, there will be no scratches, swirl marks and other marks left on the car surface. Pinnacle Souveran and Black Velvet Wax with carnauba wax yield great results too.

Pointing Out Verified Manufacturers

  • We are not going to analyze the chemical composition of wax or scrutinize formulas used by manufacturers. This information will be of interest to very few people. Choose the car wax by a well-known manufacturer (not a Chinese one) and stay away from very low prices.
  • In the US market of car care products, Meguair has proven itself. Each product by this manufacturer leaves you impressed. And the selection of car care products strikes you with diversity. The main disadvantage of this manufacturer’s products is their relatively high cost.
  • Verified but not so expensive are the wax products by “Chemical Guys”, “Turtle Wax”.



  • Using car wax is definitely necessary if you want your car to have a shiny look, have protection from corrosion and new scratches. And now you know the principles to follow when choosing car wax.