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HVAC Maintenance Tips for Homeowners – 2024 Guide

by William Gist

An HVAC system might be the best possible option when it comes to cooling or heating homes. You invest in it once and then you won’t have to spend money or worry about it ever again, right? Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no.  This kind of ventilation in a home might require the lowest amount of maintenance, but you will still have to do a bit of maintenance. It is not like it will fix and clean itself. We still haven’t reached that level of smart technology.

Going through the steps to ensure that your HVAC heats and cools properly throughout the year and to keep your energy bills low, you will need to consider maintaining it. Everything you do regarding the system will be preventative which means that you will be saving yourself from any future problems that might occur because of clogged filters and dusty air ducts. There are dozens of problems that could happen to your HVAC which is something that you do not want to happen.+


If you want to do the maintenance by yourself, here is a short guide with several tips that might help you.

Reasons to do maintenance

It is only natural that you will be looking for more explanations and reasons why you should start cleaning your HVAC, especially if you have never done that before in your life.

Lower your energy bills


Who doesn’t like saving money in any way possible? Making every energy-efficient at home can actually save you thousands of dollars throughout the year. Turning off the stove on time, turning off lights and being mindful of everything electric in your home can help you lower the energy bills.

The most effective way of doing this is to keep your HVAC in its original pristine condition. The more it is clogged with debris and dust, the more power it will pool to start cooling or heating your home. The target temperature you put on the thermostat will be much harder to achieve if the device can’t work properly. So, if you do not like seeing huge energy bills throughout the winter and summer season, you should definitely consider cleaning your HVAC.

Fewer repairs


If you were to drive your car without ever bringing it to the mechanic, without changing the motor oil, and inflating your tires on time, it will break down in less than a year. The repairs after such a break down may cost you several thousand dollars.

Well, the same thing applies to your HVAC system. While it might not cost you thousands, but the repairs will still be higher than they should be.

Why should you pair for expensive replacement parts when you can build a habit of monthly or annual maintenance so it can work as it should? If you manage to keep it into good condition, the only thing you will need to replace in the future is the filter which costs less than a hundred dollars. If something more important breaks such as the fun or the motor, you will need to pay a lot more than just a hundred dollars.

Maintenance tips

Now that you understand the importance of properly maintaining your HVAC system, here are some tips regarding the subject. If you do not have the free time to do all of this maintenance by yourself, you should consider hiring services that can do it for you. You should learn more about what those kinds of services offer.

Don’t cheap out on filters


A filter is the part of your ventilation system that prevents debris and dust to enter the motor or to be released into your rooms. The more clogged are the filters are with dust and dirt, the air will have a harder time passing through them.

A bad set of filters will tear and clog up much faster when compared with a much more quality set. We recommend that you replace them at least once or twice in three months.

Clear the vent grates


The place where most dirt and dust accumulate is on and around the vent grates. If the grate is placed on the ground in your rooms then you should start cleaning around them more frequently.

Remove the grate and wash it in your sink or your shower and then leave it to dry. While it is drying you can take a wet towel and start wiping around the grate inside of the vents. This is where most of the dust will stack, so make sure you give your towel a couple of washes during the cleaning.


Clear the debris around the HVAC unit

Many ventilation systems have the AC unit installed on the roof of a building or in the backyard. The disadvantage of an AC unit placed on the ground outside is the fact that debris around it can easily enter it during higher winds. All the leaves that gather around it, the dirt and dust that gets blown can enter inside of it. Once it is inside the ventilation system, the air inside of your home will become contaminated.

To prevent this from ever happening you should start cleaning around the unit at least once in two weeks. Make sure you sweep away from the unit with the broom and if you plan on washing it with water, point the hose away from the HVAC.

Check the fan blades

Put a hand next to one of the vent grates in your home and check whether air is properly being circulated. If you feel like the circulation inside of the vents is too weak, there might be something wrong with the fan blades. Keep in mind, there’s nothing you can do regarding the fan blades, but you can check whether there is anything stuck in them or if they are faulty. Once you have analyzed the situation you can call a technician immediately. Reducing the downtime of the HVAC system is essential during the hot summer days.

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