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What are The Most Expensive Toilets in the World?

by Elsa Stringer

Did you know that the 19th of November is World Toilet Day? The intention of introducing holiday was the increase of initiative that has the goal of world sanitation that has the deadline in 2030. Let’s be honest, the time spent on the toilet is one of the most stress-free time you have on your average day.

How many times you wondered about having a stylish toilet in your bathroom that includes a TV or an AC. You’ll be surprised that there are many expensive toilets in the world. Some of them were manufactured for a particular person while some are in the production of various companies. Let us introduce you to the most expensive toilets you can find in the world.

Hang Fung Gold Toilet


A company from Hong Kong introduced the world with their product, a bathroom that is costing slightly above $30 million. In this bathroom, you will see a toilet that is made from 24-carat gold. According to some sources, this product was created at the time when the price of gold was pretty low. Today, you need to pay a small fortune to have this one in your house.

Crystal-Studded Toilet


The next on this list of ours is a toilet that is made by Jemal Wright’s design studio. What separates this one from all others you can find on the market? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that this one has a toilet seat that is filled with Swarovski crystals. This beautiful and stylish toilet costs around $75k. We seriously believe that some of the potential customers wouldn’t want to use it, because of its style and high value.

Nature’s Call… Literally


Now we’ve got to China. More precisely, Moon River Art Park has one of the most genius toilets you will see ever. We don’t mean that it is the point in great style, expensive elements, etc. This one is located just half an hour ride from downtown Shanghai. This park has some of the largest sculpture collection in the whole of Asia. Take a look at this toilet. What would you say if you know that $750k was invested for it to be built? Furthermore, this is one of the main attractions in the park. According to some statistics, there are 10,000 people that visit this park and use this toilet on one busy day. Just imagine that.



Now we are going to talk about a toilet that got his name from the last King from France’s Merovingian dynasty, King Dagobert. This is a toilet made of wood. It looks like a throne of sorts. It even has a candle holder, pull chair flush, and armrests, of course. When you open the toilet seat, you will hear a song Le Bon Roi Dagobert. This toilet has a price tag of $14,123.

Space Toilet


What do you know about space toilets? Probably nothing. Naturally, even astronauts have some need that needs to be serviced during their long journeys. The space toilet looks like a modified average toilet, but it comes at a price of $19 million. What do you think about that?