Robert Downey Jr. Is Returning as Iron Man in “What If…?”

by Elsa Stringer

The fans of the animated series “What if…?” will only have to wait until summer 2021 for Robert Downey Jr. return. In a Buzzfeed video, Jeff Goldblum said that he had done an episode of the show as Grandmaster, that also features Iron Man:

“I played the part again a couple of days ago. I went to the Disney studios and I recorded the Grandmaster’s voice for an episode of a show that’s gonna be on Disney+ that’s called What If…? It’s an animated version of all the characters we know and love from Marvel.

Robert Downey Jr

And this episode included the Grandmaster and Iron Man, so Robert Downey will do a voice for that, and Korg, Taika Waititi had already recorded his voice for that. So yeah, for a couple hours I enjoyed doing that again, so, and the Grandmaster as well.”

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