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The Inbuilt Wood Heater

by Sinke Car

Once the cold sets in, nothing feels more relaxing than sitting by the fireplace. Modern ones are valuable installations in living spaces. They come in different designs ranging from freestanding to in-built. The days of building simple, functional fireplaces are long gone. People want fully effective heaters, highly efficient units and centerpieces to accentuate the interior design of their homes. Modern living has popularized modern wood heaters.

Moreover, different manufacturers employ unique designs to curve their position in the market. The heaters come in two categories; freestanding wood and inbuilt wood heaters. Although the former is good, most of the talk is around the inbuilt ones available at homeheatbbq.com.au.


As the name suggests, an inbuilt wood heater is integrated into the design of a home. It is the ideal fireplace for a home with limited space since it blends seamlessly into the structure of the room and optimizes space. Most inbuilt ones are built into wall units. With the right adjustments, the heater can also be fitted into a traditional open fireplace. Once installed, inbuilt ones automatically become the center of attention in a room. Their sleek design and unique features cannot go unnoticed.

A lot of work goes into constructing an inbuilt wood heater. The firebox serves as the combustion area for all the wood fed into the fireplace. Different ones have different capacities for accommodating logs. The larger the capacity, the higher the heat output. The firebox has a sturdy build that can sustain the extreme temperatures generated in the chamber. Most are made from steel, fitted with cast iron and reinforced with strong, durable materials. The firebox is also well insulated to prevent heat losses. Depending on the design, an inbuilt fireplace can have one or two doors. The doors are often made from cast iron and thick glass. They create an uninterrupted view of the fire while enhancing heat distribution.


Inbuilt fireplaces are revered for their unparalleled performance. They are highly efficient in both combustion and heat generation. The units are designed to facilitate complete combustion and maximize on wood fuel. Air induction systems enhance the combustion of the wood. As a result, you get more heat from less wood. The fireplaces are also fitted with fans to improve heat distribution in large spaces. In-built fireplaces are an excellent home heating solution considering their high fuel efficiency, sturdy build and low emissions.

When purchasing an inbuilt fireplace, you have to buy from the best. Few reputable brands in the market offer reliable units. They include Axis, Regency, Lopi, Seguin and Bordelet. These brands design the best in-built types. Their units vary in design, but they all maintain a high level of quality. Depending on your needs and budget, you can get anything from a small single door wood heater to a large double-sided fireplace. Once installed, they are guaranteed to last for years. If you want the one that can blend with your traditional indoor design or modern taste, an inbuilt wood heater is your best option. It is everything you need in a fireplace packed into one sleek design.