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What Are The Differences Between An AMG Model And Standard Mercedes-Benz

by William Gist

While all the models from Mercedes-Benz’s line-up are luxurious and incredibly high quality, AMG models are more oriented toward performance in terms of how they look and how they handle. Basically, AMG Is to Mercedes-Benz what the M models are to BMW and what RS models are for Audi.

AMG is the high-performance segment of Mercedes-Benz, which independently manufacturers and engineers customize these amazing Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles. The headquarters of AMG is located at Affalterbach, Germany, and it used to be an independent engineering company that specialized in delivering performance-oriented upgrades for Mercedes vehicles. That independence came to an end when Daimler-Benz took an interest in the company in 1999.

What separates AMG from standard Mercedes models?


The first thing you would probably notice with an AMG variant of a Mercedes-Benz model is the much more aggressive approach to its styling. After that, you will find that they offer considerably better handling, better stability, an overall higher level of performance and extensive use of advanced materials like the carbon fiber than their standard Mercedes equivalents. However, AMG will typically be among the most expensive variants in each class of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

AMG can now be more affordable


It used to be the case that AMG would almost always make these higher performance counterparts from the more expensive Mercedes-Benz model line up, but that has changed over time as models closer to the entry levels of the Mercedes-Benz family now offer AMG variants.

The C-Class now has at least half its USA models carrying the AMG logo, starting with the C 43 AMG at 50,000 US dollars, which compares to the $40,000 for the standard C 300 sedan. That is pretty reasonable for such amazing performance Mercedes-Benz, but buyers in Europe can even get these AMG models for far less.


In Europe, they have the beautiful and compact A-Class, and now AMG Line versions are costing not much more than the standard model. Although there is no official announcement from Mercedes that they will bring the A-Class to the Americas, rumors do support this idea.

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High-end AMG models


Of course, AMG also offers a performance variant of the most expensive Mercedes-Benz models, and three of these models are competing for the title of the best AMG right now. The first is the AMG SL 65 SL Roadster, priced at $219,000 which is slightly less expensive, but less practical than the AMG S 65 with its $250,000 price that offers incredible performance.

Both have a 6.0-liter AMG V-12 bi-turbo engine with 621 horsepower, which can get you from 0 to 60 mph in the SL 65 in 3.9 seconds and in the S 65 in 4.0 seconds. But if we want to consider the sheer performance value, we must mention the AMG GTS Coupe, with a much affordable price of $131,000 and a much smaller 4.0-liter V-8 engine, manages to get to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds.