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Weird Food Combinations That Taste Delicious

by William Gist

Food is an essential factor in human life. In at least every span of 6 hours, a normal human being must have thought of food, twice or once. What becomes more interesting is the fact that human beings would not eat just anything for the sake of satisfying their hunger, but would keenly evaluate the kind of food and the quality that accompanies it. This shows how special food is for human beings.

A quick view of culinary tourism and the global nutrition experts have affirmed that different human beings have varied types of food that depend on the type of culture from which they come and the societal, socio-economic and cultural beliefs that accompany the foods.

Food can be eaten raw while some are first cooked before becoming edible. A number of food combinations have been explored and introduced into the human diet to make it even more delicious and of course a more engaging meal. We are hereby showing you certain food combinations that for sure you wouldn’t mind trying if you haven’t before.

Apple Juice and Goldfish


While in certain sections of the world this would be a normal meal to them, combining goldfish with the apple juice is just a crazy deal for other parts of the world. Well, in many parts of the world, goldfish are best prepared as or offered as flakes, gel or sinking pellets, floating pellets together with greens. Apple juice would make the flow of goldfish even easier and this is probably why most people prefer it as a combination.

Other options to entirely enjoy goldfish are by combining with peas show outermost layer is peeled, brine shrimp or any such options. But lately, the idea of consuming goldfish alongside the apple juice is an additional option to many. You surely need to try this!

Ketchup and Pizza


Generally, pizzas are mostly made of much tomato sauce or just one of the pizza varieties. The addition of ketchup is just too extreme to some people that they feel weird about it and would least try it. To them, it simply means adding more tomato sauce.

This actually makes it kind of something better to drink than eat. A combination of ketchup and pizza is an appealing meal to the stomach and nutritious despite the fact that a section of the world views it as a luxury meal. Well, it is however delicious to some people and probably it could be for you too. Try it.

Grilled Pineapple and Tabasco Sauce

I know some would stare at this combination as if it were among the most unique combinations in the world, but no! Combining grilled pineapples and a Tabasco sauce is for sure among the best combinations ever. A single large fresh pineapple, peeled and sliced into one-inch slices together with 1-2 drops of Tabasco sauce is the main startups if you must try this.

You, however, need one or two teaspoonfuls of honey, butter and some pinch of salt in very small quantities as the main ingredients to get you going. You surely will not regret this combination as I personally have given it a try and loved it.

Cheddar Cheese and Apple Pie

It is obvious that in some sections of the world, this seems to be a very awkward combination of all the options one would choose when they need some quick meal. On the other hand, this combination is a very familiar type of meal that some would not mind consuming on an occasional basis.

This is also considered as among the weird food combinations, check this. Cheddar cheese is a fairly hard natural cheese that is commonly believed to have instigated from the English villages. It has been broadly used and loved by many but consuming together with apple pie has been disregarded by many. After giving it a try with a group of my friends, you have got to try this.

Pickles Dipped in Orange Juice

Well, pickles have been considered as fruits. Most persons preserve pickles in fermented salt-water that has helpful bacteria, implying that they could obviously be very useful to the human diet. Pickles are preferred because of the fact that they contain vitamin K and vitamin A, making them very healthful.

Combining Pickles with Orange juice would surely make it a more involving and engaging meal as opposed to the meal being considered as part of the weird food combinations. Trying this is surely an attractive deal.

White Bread and Butter and Sprinkles


The combination of white bread, butter and sprinkles are collectively called fairy bread. The white bread is sliced and spread with butter or margarine and covered with sprinkles. Well, some people are used to this while would still obviously consider it a weird combination.

It doesn’t come with exposure to know about this kind of food combination but for sure it is a meal you have got to include in the list of your most favorite meals. Just white bread would be such a boring food due to its dryness and actually would look hard to eat from time to time. This kind of food is not a unique invention as it has since existed from as long as the 1920s yet it is not yet much known in certain parts of the world. For sure it is such a sumptuous meal to have your stomach full.


From the above combinations, however much weird they may seem, it is noble to deduce that there are thousands of food combinations that have never been tested yet. For sure, there is a need to give it a try, any unique combination of foods from whichever culture you wish to.

The cultural combination must be nutritionally complete with all the different categories of food. A good food combination should be inclusive of the carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and of course some fruits to sum it all. This is the reason some people have good immune systems that are able of withstanding and fighting diseases while some do not. It is advisable to eat healthy to acquire the necessary nutrients for your body.