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6 Tips on How to Wear Elevator Shoes And Still Look Stylish

by Tracy Finke

Fashion is an evolving branch of society. Trends come and go. They are birthed in the minds of fashion designers and die on the streets in the hands of people who wear them. Fashion is a revolution. These days we have for sure revolutionized the way we look at sneakers and various other types of shoes.

You can combine every outfit you like as long as it’s tasteful. While you can do it, it’s hard to believe that anyone of us can be an expert in the fashion domain.

We don’t want to offend anyone, but now that you’re reading this article we know that you need our help because you ran out of ideas. There’s no shame in it, as we said, not everyone is a fashion designer. If your question is concerning elevator shoes you have come to the right place.

We are going to explain how to wear elevator shoes and still look stylish. This can be done, without real hustle, if you know what you’re doing. While right now you have no idea as we already stated, after reading a few additional paragraphs of this article you’re going to be in a much better place.

Sporting elevator shoes was never easier. After you’re done reading this article you’ll be thinking the same. They’re just like any other piece of your wardrobe. If you know what you’re doing, you’re already doing it right.

With a piece of sound advice on our part, you’ll be feeling like a fashion model on a runaway in no time. So, stay focused, and keep reading. We’re about to hand you some fashion education you didn’t even know you needed.

1. Don’t Go For a Box Shape

Source: richleeshoes.com

First of all, we are going to tell you what not to do. If the selected shoes of your choice are elevator ones, go with something stylish. Never, under any circumstance don’t buy elevator shoes that have that box shape. This is wrong. Unfortunately, the market is overcrowded with them.

Many people believe it’s the only type there is. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you look with more care you can come up with a high-end product such as the ones guidomaggi.com has to offer. The next time you’re looking for shoes it’s better that you know where to look.

2. Pair it With an Oversized Coat

Source: thefashionisto.com

Elevator shoes and an oversized coat? Yes, it can be done. Of course, have your measure when it comes to the coat. Elevator shoes will make you look taller, so a bigger coat makes sense, right? Many people believe that a coat a few sizes bigger will make them look small.

That’s not true. You’ll be looking the same, as it is a model type and not a  size one. This is a combination that only works when you try it on. So, don’t waste your time, and try this combo. Trust us, once you have everything on, there will be no mistake.

3. Wear Matching Colors

Source: stylegirlfriend.com

This is an elementary school of fashion. But, trust us, it needs to be stated.  Elevator shoes will be a statement of their own. When people wear them, they believe that the statement needs to be grandiose. Because of this, they try to make a flashy appearance with their outfit and go overboard.

There’s no reason to go overboard. Not a single one! To wear a matching color is all that matters. Yes, a little fun is allowed, but as we said, keep everything classy. All you need to be careful about is that the colors aren’t at war with each other. Do you know what we’re talking about?

If you select black shoes, try to pair them with gray jeans. If you go for a brown pair, look to wear a bluish sweater. There are too many acceptable combos to put them all in one article. Let your imagination dance, but not too much.

4. No Top Square Toe

Similarly to the box shape, we must also say no to the square toe. Many models of elevator shoes have a toe like this, and all of them are gross. Once again, we don’t want to offend anyone, but that’s just how things are. If you opt for these you’ll be ridiculed. Short men should never wear them.

We stand corrected – no man should ever wear it. This is a look that even Henry Cavill could pull off. We’re not even going to mention his Mission Impossible co-star Tom Cruise. Now, that’s a man that knows a thing or two about elevator shoes.

5. Always Choose Quality

Source: swaggermagazine.com

While there are shapes and colors we do not recommend, a line needs to be crossed somewhere. When you don’t know which pair to select, always opt for the one with more quality. If you choose the pair that first suits your one outfit better but lacks quality you’ll be regretting the decision quickly.

In some instances you won’t be able to pair your shoes with anything but the necessity to wear them will still be there. In situations like these, you’ll want to have quality on your feet. So, even if the fashion statement is lacking at least you’ll be feeling comfy. Sometimes that’s the only thing that matters.

6. Go With The Black

Source: walkjogrun.net

Black is a universal color in fashion. You know this, right? Black can be paired with any other color. You name it and it can be paired. It’s a classic sort, like Pulp Fiction or Clockwork Orange. One can’t go wrong with black. When it comes to elevator shoes, the formula is the same. Choose a black pair and you’re set to go.

Why? It’s as we said; you can pair it with anything you like. When you know that black is your color, what is left is to choose a stylish design. This shouldn’t be too hard. As we already suggested, there are good places on the web that offer quality solutions. We sure hope that you don’t need any more convincing in this department.