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6 Easy Ways to Start Hunting

by William Gist

So you want to start hunting but have no idea how. Hunting as a sport is very popular nowadays, with hundreds of thousands and even millions of Americans practicing it.

But the sheer volume of information needed to go on your first hunting trip might put you off from doing it. Furthermore, a lot of people are fundamentally opposed to it, due to their beliefs related to the sport.

But with all that said, hunting is meant to be noble and not barbaric. There are certain rules that every hunter must abide by and the choice of animal you wish to hunt cannot be done so whenever you like.

It also requires you to have the appropriate gear, as this sport could potentially backfire on you if you’re not careful. Animals such as wild boars can be extremely dangerous, yet this animal is very popular in the sport.

By taking all of this into consideration, we’re here to present to you a guide consisting of X easy ways to start hinting. Without wasting too much of your time, let’s start.


1.    Determine the Type of Hunting

When it comes to the core of the sport, there is more than a single type of hunting, to begin with.

Thousands of Americans enjoy bird hunting, small and even large game. But the main distinctive difference is with the choice of weapon. Namely, there are two predominant types of hunting. There are crossbow and rifle hunting.

And these aren’t all the types but fear not as we will briefly touch on everything as we go along. Do know that each type is categorically different from the next and specializes in a different animal.


2.    Obtaining A Hunter Safety Card

You cannot go out in the woods or at the lake to search for prey without a Hunter Safety Card.

This documentation is a must-have in nearly every state, and it is a certification that vouches for your legality to practice the sport. This card is nothing more than a certification that you’ve passed all of the safety education courses related to the sport.

This card can be used to hunt across the entire United States and can be obtained online or at one of the required offices.

3.    Research, Research, and More Research

We’ve hunted as a species for our entire history on this planet. Naturally, this means that we have a lot of knowledge on the subject.

We know the best way to do it, the most humane way, and we know when and how to do it. We have unprecedented knowledge on the subject; this sport is quite possibly the oldest human tradition.

But not everyone knows this nor cares to know about it. As a rookie hunter, you will need to start talking to people about the sport. They will share information with you regarding the best spots in your country when to do it, which animal to go after, and of course, they will talk about gear.

Heck, you might even get invited to a few trips with someone who’s a seasoned veteran in the sport.


4.    Rifles and Scopes

In case you wanted to choose rifle hunting, then having the best rifle and scope should be on the top of your list.

Rifles are pretty self-explanatory and there are hundreds to choose from. Speaking with your local shop will inform you of all things necessary involving rifles.

Scopes aren’t so, on the other hand. Rifle hunting is also quite easier than a crossbow. Aiming and reloading a rifle is significantly easier than aiming and reloading a crossbow.  But it is significantly louder than the other, so it requires you to be very accurate.

We mentioned scopes, and this will be one of your biggest priorities. Scopes come in all shapes and sizes and in different zooming levels. There are many factors that come into play when choosing scopes, so we suggest you visit Targetfrog.com as they have a full guide on just this subject.


5.    Equipment Needed

For rifle hunting, this is some of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need to make it in the sport.

•    Rifle

Pretty self-explanatory, you cannot hunt without it.

•    Ammunition

Also pretty self-explanatory, you cannot fire your rifle if you don’t have any ammunition.

•    Clothing

This one is far from self-explanatory as clothes are very important when it comes to the sport. Depending on the season, you’ll need to have the appropriate clothes to effectively camouflage and conceal yourself from your prey. Also, appropriate clothes mean keeping you nice and warm during bad weather, so make sure the clothes are waterproof.

•    Water and Food

Hunting trips can sometimes last for hours if not days. So make sure you have the appropriate amount of supplies with you to last throughout the trip.

•    First Aid Kit

Let’s hope you won’t need to use it, but carrying one during a trip is an absolute necessity. You’d be surprised at the number of animals that can be aggressive with you, and you never know what can happen during a trip. You’ll also need to learn first-aid.

•    Binoculars

Binoculars allow you to search for your prey from a safe distance. These, same as scopes, come in different sizes and with different zooming levels. It’s imperative that you have one, and even more important that you have the right one.

•    Camera

A camera is very optional, but it would be wise to have a Go-Pro attached to your chest or head and record everything.

•    Game Bags

Since you’ll be hunting, you’ll need somehow to carry your catch.


6.    Crossbows/Bows

Crossbows and bows allow you more stealth, meaning you can get up close and personal with your prey. Because bows and crossbows aren’t loud as guns, you can hunt for more animals before they get alerted and runoff.

A lot of people enjoy this type of hunting as it allows them to connect with nature, to be one with self, and to get in touch with your primal senses.

You must have unprecedented accuracy and patience if you want to score big with your bow or crossbow.

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