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5 Ways to Deal When You’re Overwhelmed at Work

by William Gist

We have all been there. Working can be exhausting and tiring, and sometimes you really need a break. Resting for just a day or a two can be a real energy booster. Being well-rested will increase both your productivity and happiness. Of course, sometimes getting out of work to get some well-deserved rest can be difficult.

You deserve to feel better and get some rest. Continuing to work when you’re overwhelmed can be devastating to your long term health and happiness. Wanting to rest does not mean that you’re lazy or a bad worker, everyone has those periods when they’re simply too tired to function.

This is why we decided to help you deal with your feelings of exhaustion and help you find some ways to get that small break you so desperately need.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Refuel at work


Okay, this is for people who don’t want to skip going to work, but only want a way to deal with feelings of weariness while still managing to scratch some tasks off their workload.

First of all, use your lunch break to your advantage. If you can, go outdoors to have lunch, stretch your legs, and get away from your computer screen. Whatever you do, don’t think about your work while you’re resting. If you really can’t focus on anything more positive, the best way to go about it is to have lunch together with a coworker you really like.

You can both vent to each other which is a great way to destress and refuel. Eat something healthy, don’t eat something tough on your stomach, because you’ll end up feeling even more tired.

Make a plan you know you can stick to. You can even make a list of the things you won’t be doing today. Any tasks that make you feel overwhelmed you should leave for tomorrow if you can.



If you have any vacation days stacked up, use them, and use them wisely. Plan a vacation or simply stay at home and relax. It’s your well-earned right to have a vacation once in a while. Of course, make sure you notify your manager that you’ll be using your vacation days, so they can organize everything properly.

Traveling somewhere for a bit and getting away from any thought of your job can be amazing. Still, if you can’t afford to travel or you don’t simply don’t want to, resting at home can be as enjoyable as leaving the city. Make sure to exercise, meditate, and sleep a lot since it will reduce your stress levels greatly. Spend time with your family and catch up with any work at home you’ve been neglecting. Enjoy yourself properly and try not to even think about work.

Get a doctors note


Okay, lying about being ill is not a good thing to do. Still, if you simply don’t have any other option, and you feel like keeping on working is impossible, tell your boss that you’re sick. Check your company’s policy about sick days beforehand so you know what to expect. In most cases, you’ll need a doctor’s note to leave work.

You can lie to your boss, but your doctor will probably realize it pretty quickly. Still, you can explain your situation to your doctor, who will probably understand your need for a break, since stress is connected to many potential health issues. Of course, if that doesn’t work, as the last option, there are places like bestfakedoctorsnotes.net¬†where you can get a fake doctor’s note.

Of course, be careful when resorting to this option as it could be risky. Only get these from reliable sources, and compare them with real doctors notes just to be sure.

Family emergency


Another good and believable excuse for leaving work is the need to care for a family member. Talk to your boss about it, and tell them you have to leave work due to some important family issues. There is a high chance your boss won’t require any additional information since your family life is a private matter.

If they ask you, just tell them your spouse or your kids are not feeling well and they require your attention. Of course, lying about such matters can be a bit difficult, so you can always refuse to provide that information and tell your boss it’s very private and you don’t feel comfortable discussing it. Make sure to be extremely polite while doing so.

Vet appointment


Having to take your pet to the vet is a good excuse to skip work. Make sure you time it so your boss can’t tell you to take a couple of hours off work and then return and keep on working. Be careful, as some people don’t have pets so a vet appointment may not seem serious enough to skip work. Make sure to tell them that it’s an emergency and that you simply don’t have anyone who can drive your pet to the vet.

The vet’s office can be a busy place so scheduling an appointment in the completely wrong time is absolutely believable. Your pet needing medical care is

something you can’t control, so you won’t seem like you’re just finding an excuse to skip on work.

The takeaway


Whatever you do, don’t overuse any of these excuses. If you’re always having an emergency and something is always happening to prevent you from coming in to work, your boss will be less likely to believe you. You’d just seem lazy and unreliable. Maybe one day you’ll really have an emergency, and you won’t be able to take time off work because you’ll be risking not being believed.

Keep your excuses simple and make sure to notify your boss as early as possible. As obvious as it may sound, don’t post anything on social media that could disprove your excuses. If you told your managers that you’re not feeling well, posting pictures of you partying or going hiking are not a good idea. Make sure to read on the company’s policies and use them to your advantage.

All in all, everyone gets overwhelmed at work, and the need to take a break once in a while is not something to be ashamed of. It’s completely normal and understandable, so don’t feel bad about it. Use that time to refuel, so you can be more productive when you return.