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These Online Services Have Changed Our Lives

by Elsa Stringer

Have you noticed that online retail, consumer, and municipal services have been getting faster? The primary reason is that the internet has speeded up and become much more efficient in the last decade. For anyone who wants to purchase goods or services via their computer, this development is great news.

So, what are the key ways in which speedy connections have made life easier for everyone? Here are some of the most important ways, ones that have probably touched the lives of most adults.

Getting a Job


Even though job-hunter websites were some of the first big players in the internet commercial space, early versions of services for job-seekers were not very sophisticated compared to today’s lightning-quick, AI-driven career centers.

What’s better about the new iterations? For starters, they come with AI apps that seamlessly guide users through a set of tailored questions. After that, you can set geographic and industry parameters to your liking and zero in on open positions that appeal to you.

Buying a Home


If you have purchased a home in the last 10 years, you’re already aware of how quickly the real estate industry is changing. Credit approval, property selection, price negotiation, closing, and other routine home-buying tasks usually take less than a week.

Considering that it used to take at least several months to purchase a house, that’s a huge improvement. One of the newer twists to the purchase process is virtual touring. Prospective buyers can take visual tours of dozens of properties via high-definition monitors that reveal all the pros and cons of a given property.

Refinancing Your Car


In the previous decade, even doing a vehicle refinancing online was sort of a hassle. Nowadays, the application process takes less than 20 seconds, comes with no obligations, and has no impact on your credit score. In fact, it’s quite simple to pick your preferred option from several arrangements in order to save the most money.

People who want to refinance their cars or trucks from WithClutch can begin saving money immediately via lower rates or cash back deals, all of which can be approved within 24 hours. Consumers are impressed by the speed, convenience, and total transparency of online vehicle refinancing. You won’t know how much you can save until you apply, so why wait?

Finding a Mate


Internet dating used to be the subject of so many jokes that the term became synonymous with mistake. But that reputation took hold more than 20 years ago with the simplistic apps matched partners based on a few dozen screening questions. Modern, AI-based dating apps are shockingly sophisticated and do a nice job of pairing couples, for a fee of course.

Getting a College Degree


Many of the world’s major universities, colleges, and community colleges now offer 100 percent distance-study degrees. For most institutions that offer this convenient way of earning a diploma, that means students take all their coursework via a computer terminal and even complete testing the same way.

One of the main benefits of obtaining a college degree this way is the huge savings. Distance degrees typically cost about half of what a traditional diploma costs. Some of the nation’s oldest schools have already begun the mass transition over to distance learning. Even international centers based in Asia, Europe, and China have started offering degrees to students from other countries. No longer is is necessary to take part in an exchange program in order to obtain a diploma from an overseas school.

Shopping for Anything


Whether you want groceries, furniture, sports equipment, or anything else, the newest, most efficient way to shop and pay is via a commercial seller’s website. When computer-based buying first become common, about 20 years ago, most customers shied away from big ticket items and everyday supplies like groceries.

Now, one of the fastest growing segments of the retail market is food delivery and food pickup, after ordering via the store’s app. The COVID pandemic speeded things along even more because millions of families were reluctant to visit grocery centers in person for fear of becoming ill.

The result was that stores that offered at-home delivery or to-your-car service when you arrived at the retail location. Soon, this call-and-pick-it-up system branched out to other retail goods like electronics, clothing, tools, and building supplies. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues unabated after the virus threat has passed. But, if this development is anything like other aspects of online services, it will only continue to grow.

Meeting with Coworkers


Virtual meetings, featuring both audio and video connections, have been a staple of the working world for more than a decade. However, the trend did not break into the everyday commercial space until recently. Propelled by two of three companies that went all out promoting their new, simpler way of communicating, meeting with your coworkers, friends, family, or church group became a routine way of socializing with others.

Regardless of the app you prefer, most have similar features that allow for fast hookup, selection of what meeting you want to join, and the ability to just listen if you choose not to participate. One of the recent, groundbreaking developments in this realm occurred when friends began utilizing video meeting apps just to have casual discussions. Until then, the vast majority of meetings were either business or church related.

Getting a Medical Checkup


Even people who have phobias of the doctor’s office are showing up for their annual wellness visits. That’s because most primary care providers now offer virtual examinations for their regular patients. If you get your home-based PC outfitted with enough apps, it’s possible to relay vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature via the computer connection.

When the doctor determines that you need a blood test or something similar, you’ll be sent an email with an attached prescription. The same applies for medication and referral to specialists. Unless your physician decides that you absolutely must be seen in person, nearly everything can be taken care of from the comfort of your home office chair.