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Do Probiotics Make Psoriasis Worse?

by Gaga Arizanov

With psoriasis not being fully understood by the medical profession, how do you move forward in finding a lasting cure to what can be an unsightly problem that affects the confidence of so many people? Is psoriasis food related? Research suggests that psoriasis could result from an imbalance of gut bacteria that affects your immune system.

For around 7.5 million people, growing psoriasis is a problem. Did you know that 1 in 20 doctors visits is for help with psoriasis? Is it a significant number? Is there anything you can do to help yourself?

Let’s jump in and find out if probiotics are making your psoriasis worse.

Is psoriasis a gut problem?

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Psoriasis is associated with a leaky gut, and there is no way of sugarcoating the fact; that you might just be your own worst enemy regarding food.

Most of you know we have good and bad stomach bacteria, but the general idea is to have more good stomach bacteria or microbiomes to live healthier.

Without diving into the depths of human biology and what goes on in our guts, you need to know how to draw a line under poor gut health and start being healthy to prevent psoriasis from flaring up.

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How can you prevent psoriasis?

It is unclear if you can prevent psoriasis but what is known is that you can alleviate the symptoms by having a decent diet.

What do doctors know about psoriasis?

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It seems as if they don’t know a great deal due to the lack of research. Maybe psoriasis is not a big enough money spinner to get down deep to find the cure.

But some great guys over at UC Davis in Sacramento have taken the time to research psoriasis and came up with an astounding finding.

They found that by changing your diet from western processed food to something longer-term sustainable, your psoriasis will become less of a problem.

So what does that mean? It means ditching sugar, sweet beverages, high-fat burgers, and pizzas for wholesome food. It’s something that you already know and haven’t changed to yet.

Your psoriasis condition may not be at the bottom of a pill bottle. It could be what you are putting in your mouth and ingesting.

What is psoriasis?

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It’s when skin cells replenish themselves more quickly than usual in psoriasis. Although the exact reason for this is unknown, research points to an immune system issue as the likely culprit. Skin regenerates at the deepest layers, causing this flaky, red skin that can be something you keep covered for fear of ridicule, especially if you are young.

Psoriasis affects kids and adults indiscriminately, but the common thread is now thought to be leaky gut syndrome affecting your immune system.

What is leaky gut syndrome?

Everyone’s gut has a microbiome or gut flora where trillions of tiny bacteria help keep us healthy and aid food digestion.

When we fill our stomachs with sugar from canned beverages and eat fatty foods, the bacteria die off rapidly. The dead bacteria cause the gut to become permeable, allowing toxins to transfer from your gut to your bloodstream.

So now we have toxins from our stomach or leaky gut invading our immune system. It’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong as your body prepares for a constant battle to dispel the toxins.

But some toxins linger and enter deep into the tissues, bingo psoriasis is activated, and your body can no longer control how your skin is reproduced. There will be other areas of your body that will come under attack, mainly your liver.

If you take probiotics, will your psoriasis get worse?

It’s a misconception that probiotics make psoriasis worse. You have all been in a place where your guts are churning, and you can’t move far from the bathroom, drink probiotics, and you are better within a day or two. Having the correct bacteria in your gut can reverse the situation and make you feel healthy.

How do you start making your psoriasis reduce?

First, cut the junk food, and eliminate it entirely for a month, which means the sugar drinks also. Eat protein in the form of Chicken, fish, and beef (pork is thought to irritate psoriasis) together with veggies. 20% of your plate is protein, and the rest carbs in the form of green veg and a potato that has been baked or boiled.

If you love spicy food, you are in luck. Introduce kimchi into your diet and eat it as if you love it. It is full of great bacteria that help heal a leaky gut and make your psoriasis subside.

If you can’t ditch the bread from your diet, then change it up to sourdough bread, it’s unrefined, and the process uses the correct type of bacteria to help your leaky gut.

Who doesn’t love yogurt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? It’s an essential addition to your diet. You need more than one per day. Look for Lactobacillus, a good bacteria that will change your gut and psoriasis.

Don’t expect miracles.

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You can expect miracles, but it takes a little time to see changes when changing your diet. Hopefully, within a week, your psoriasis has calmed down, and after a month, it is on its way to being eradicated from your life.

It all sounds straightforward, and it is if you have the determination to change your diet, it’s not about not having fun, but it can be the difference between wearing shorts or pants or a short sleeve T-shirt and wearing long sleeves.

What else should you avoid with psoriasis?

Life can be tight sometimes, but alcohol is out of the question. It’s full of sugar, and your body doesn’t like it so much. Here are a few other things you should avoid:

  • Cold, dry weather for obvious reasons.
  • Excess sunlight can irritate psoriasis and make it dry further.
  • Stress, you know stress is bad for you, so try to remain calm.
  • Possible the worst thing you can do.
  • Control your weight. If you are a few pounds overweight, changing your diet will help enormously.