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4 Reasons to Install a Home Heat Recovery System

by Dangula Bingula

Most of us have been dealing with stuffy and stale air during the winter for so long that we’ve become accustomed to this discomfort in exchange for staying warm. In an effort to keep all warm air trapped in the home, builders and homeowners have traditionally opted to seal all cracks, gaps, and other openings where air can escape.

To make matters worse, most people close their vents as well during the winter. Home heat recovery systems have become the leading solution for allowing stale air out while keeping heat from escaping. Here are four reasons why you should consider having a home heat recovery system installed:

1. More Energy Efficient Than Air Exchanger


If you’re one of those homeowners who simply can’t tolerate stuffy and stale air all winter, you might have been thinking about installing an air exchanger. Opting for a home heat recovery system instead of a stand-alone air exchanger will reduce your heating bill because it will utilise a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) to capture and recirculate heat that would normally be exhausted via a conventional air exchanger. For more information visit this site.

2. Lets Stale Air (CO2) Out and Brings Fresh Air (Oxygen) In, Without Letting Heat Escape

As mentioned, the primary advantage of installing an HRV is to let stale air out while retaining heat, as this gives you the ability to bring fresh air into the home. Having fresh air to breathe isn’t just a matter of comfort, it’s also a health concern as it can lead to sinus congestion and bouts of respiratory illness. Furthermore, “stale air” is really just a term used to describe air that has been breathed in and exhaled already, thus containing a higher concentration of CO2 – which has been shown to impair cognitive function.

3. Reduces Indoor Humidity


Home heat recovery systems may even replace the need for a dehumidifier because they significantly reduce indoor humidity. This can help to combat mould and mildew growth that often happens in homes during the winter. Once again, home heat recovery systems provide not only comfort but also a tangible health benefit by lowering your chances of encountering hazardous mould and mildew growth. In the long-term, this could even save you thousands by preventing the need for mould clean-up services later on.

4. Improves Indoor Air Quality


Heat recovery systems also come equipped with advanced filters that capture dust, debris, dander, allergens, and other pathogens. So, when the air is being extracted from your home and then re-circulated, it’s also being filtered and purified. In a way, this means that these systems are also house-wide air purifiers.

Not Having a Heat Recovery System is Like Using a Flip Phone

Every new technology experiences a period of early adoption when the general public still hasn’t accepted that the old way has become obsolete. In the mobile phone industry, it only took a couple of years for consumers to realise that flip phones and landlines were quickly becoming obsolete. In the HVAC industry, it won’t take long before home heat recovery systems become a common building standard for homeowners and builders in the near future.