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Wallpaper Ideas To Brighten Up Your Living Room

by Ingeborg

When thinking about home improvements, most people automatically think redecorating. More than often, we associate it with updating our fittings and rearranging the furniture to see if it will bring any noticeable changes to space. In reality, home improvement is more than just moving a few pieces around.

You can explore various designs by incorporating more colors in your space – not just your cushions and vases, but also on your walls. Yes, white walls are clean and simple. But if you’re looking to transform the look of your home, and take it to the next level, it pays to explore beyond the limits of what’s conventional.

Investing in home wallpapers for your living room, for example, is a great way to create a unique design for your space effortlessly. It serves as a backdrop on which you can choose a style or theme for your home. It’s one of the first things your guests will see, and ultimately will set the tone for your living room area.

Wallpaper ideas to spruce up your living room

According to yesMyDesign, with the right design and proper placement, you can make your living room look as minimalistic or flamboyant as you like. Whether you’re considering a seventies retro, art deco vintage, patterned, or a tonal design, updating your wallpaper is a simple yet super effective way of enhancing your space to your taste.

Here are some of the latest trends that can help breathe new life to your living room:

1. Tropical


If you’re tired of old boring white walls and would like to incorporate more interesting hues, the fun tropical design is one of your best options for you! Select a tropical-themed wallpaper to set the scene. Easily complement this look with wooden or cane furniture, and plain plantation shutters to tie the look together. Complete the look by adding a splash of color to your floors with carpet, or even a rug with the same colors as the wall design.

2. Monochromatic

source: bimago.com

Limiting the colors is a simple sure-way of creating a modern, contemporary yet sophisticated look for your home. Pair your black and white wallpaper with darker colored cabinetry to compliment the design. Wooden chairs and tables from cosywood.co.uk will also blend well in with the design, giving a subtle pop of colors.

3. Stone wallpapers

source: aliexpress.com

The stacked stone design is great for urban spaces where you want to create a unique look without necessarily committing on expensive renovations. Experiment by using a stacked stone design, such as a brick wallpaper, on one side of your wall when redecorating your space. IncorThe stacked neutral-colored crate furnishings to make the wall the highlight of the room.

4. Painterly


Brushstroke-style patterns are a great way to give your room a simple yet cosmopolitan look. You can use furnishings and decorations that are within the same color scheme. Be careful when selecting artwork for your walls. Try adding pieces that are of neutral colors or ones that have the same colors as your wall.

5. Bright wallpapers


When thinking about renovating or redecorating a room, many homeowners are wary about installing bright colored. This is understandable. It’s something you can easily get very wrong and your home can end up looking just a tad overwhelming (to say the least). However, when done right, using bright colored ones can be somewhat magical, especially when paired with the right furniture and decorations. Make sure to choose furniture that is of the same shade as the wallpaper and use white or other neutral colors to create a balance in the flurry of colors.

6. Floral


Create a spring-inspired look for your indoor space by installing floral wallpapers. Incorporating floral patterns onto your plain white walls is a great way to break out of a monotonous look, and create a fresh, vibrant appearance. You can even select floral-patterned curtains to match the walls. Choosing neutral shades for your cabinets and seating; on the other hand, will balance everything and keep your space from looking too busy.

7. Thematic

source: idealhome.co.uk

More than colors, perhaps you have a great theme in mind. Vintage, modern, Hollywood, or retro — whatever theme you have in mind, there’s a wallpaper that’s guaranteed to match your idea. If you’re looking to achieve that cozy rustic look, for example, you can select a neutral colored floral and match it with natural wood cabinetry. Adding pieces of art that will go with the theme to complete the look.

8. Make it a personal

source: mrperswall.com

Your living room is, after all, your own private space. Consider your own interests or passion, and come up with a customized design that will reflect you and your style. At YesMyDesign, you can create your own design. Simply upload your design in the YesMyDesign application, let us know the specifications, and we’ll have them printed out for you. You can then pick shades from your chosen design, and use these as guides when choosing furniture to put in your space.

Break out of the ordinary through creative wallpapers

When redecorating or renovating your space, it’s easy to choose neutral or white shades for your walls. They’re the safest plan and commonly used colors, but don’t be afraid to break away from your comfort zone. Remember, with safe choices come, safe results!

Choosing a new one should be the first step when looking for a way to make your space stand out. Consider the look you want and find or create the design that will help achieve it.

Once you have selected the perfect wallpaper, it becomes easier to help choose furniture. You can choose furniture and decorative pieces that can help tie the look together. The goal is to balance the colors in your space to create a holistic, harmonious look that will make it a pleasing and welcoming place for you and guests.

Taking smart risks with your design is a great way to make your living room area stand out. It creates intrigue and positively reflects your willingness to move away from the ordinary. It’s one way to create a lasting pleasant first-impression among your guests and make your home a more exciting place to stay in.