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Useful Online Tools For Every Parent With School Kids

by William Gist

Every parent needs help at some time with raising their children throughout the school years. There is nothing wrong with asking for help from friends and family. But if you want to avoid explaining yourself to your close ones about your issues with your children you can use one of the many online tools that may help you with staying in contact with your kids, teaching them and saving important memories.

September is nearing which means that both parents and children need to prepare for the back-to-school season. While for many students, this is a sad time because their laid back summer months are ending while it is a moment of celebration for some parents.


The thought of going back to school is different for children of different ages. For younger kids, it mainly means sitting through class all day, learning and chatting with your friends. While college students have a lot of various activities on hand and much harder classes.

Whether your children are still in pre-school, middle school, high school or even a college student, we will bring a short list of apps that be useful to you.

Save your fond memories


Sending your children for the first time to school may be difficult for any parent. Fortunately, there are apps that provide a platform where parents can keep track of their children’s important moments, unique moments and milestones. This kind of platform is where parents can store their photos and videos, while also tracking important moments of their lives like going back to school or the first day of school.


These kinds of tools will also allow teachers to easily communicate with parents. Teachers will be able to send videos and pictures about their child’s progress and achievements, information about all school events and trips. Teachers also have the ability to send automatic scheduled notifications to the entire class or individual parents (something like email newsletter). Do not worry about your child’s privacy since all these apps were built from the ground up with privacy in mind and provide a safe location for any photos or media related to your children.

Snowy days

This is a tool that predicts the likelihood of school to be canceled due to extreme winter conditions. It helps parents to foresee if their children’s school is going to be delayed or closed because of snowy weather.


So if you think that today or tomorrow is going to be a snowy day and you do not want to let your kids wander out in the cold for nothing, be sure to check out snowdayfinder.com.

Track homework

Regardless of whether your children are in middle school or high school or any other level of education, they will have to keep track of their homework. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools and apps online that may help you with this kind of assignment.


This kind of app can help children keep track of their various assignments and tasks they have for school. Additionally, teachers can send the homework information through these apps and the parents can follow their children’s homework status.

If you want to make your children’s and your life easier during the school days then make sure you check out the apps we mentioned.