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8 Ways To Use Cowhide Rugs – No Matter Your Décor Style

by Tracy Finke

Decorating your home is often easier said than done. Many people tend to look at online tips, without taking their own homes into consideration. Your home is specific to you, therefore, every bit of advice should be applied in a way that provides visual balance and your personal comfort.

Some décor elements exist to enhance the space regardless of your interior design preferences. This is the case with cowhide rugs. These rugs are versatile, pretty, and often beautifully designed, so chances are they’ll fit into your home, regardless of your décor style. So here are some ways that will show you how to use cowhide rugs.

1. Eclectically designed spaces

Source: woodwaves.com

Eclectic interior design often goes hand in hand with maximalism. This is due to the abundance of details, colors, textures, and patterns. The more, the merrier. When you combine various, and often contrasting details, that creates a unique visual presentation.

In that case, a cowhide rug is a natural addition that can only make things look even more charming and eclectic. Experiment with different details, and don’t be afraid to go a little bit overboard. So feel free to let your imagination run wild!

2. Traditional décor style

Source: lonny.com

If you’re a fan of classic décor style, then a cowhide rug can add a certain element that will fit nicely with the rest of the décor details. Stately design and approachability are big factors when it comes to traditional décor style. Whether you prefer nude, white, or creamy tones, chances are that a carefully-selected cowhide rug will be a welcoming addition to such space, regardless of if it’s a living room or a bedroom.

Those who prefer traditional décor also love to experiment with details that seem familiar to them. Animal-inspired décor such as cowhide rugs falls into that category.

3. Minimalist/Scandi decor

Source: lonny.com

When you picture minimalist or Scandi décor, you probably don’t envision cowhide rugs as a part of the deal. However, there’s a subcategory of this style, called Boho Scandinavian. This style is characterized by a dreamy backdrop, while still adhering to minimalist decor principles such as clear lines, simple furniture, and fewer details.

In that case, a cowhide rug can be a great way to create a visual anchor and a focal point in any room of your choice. As long as you match that with wooden elements, a cowhide rug will bring a sense of warmth to your otherwise minimalist space.

4. Modern interior design

Source: medium.com

Modern design is a fusion of everything that we’ve seen before, with some clever twists. Nowadays, modern décor also implements functionality and sustainability.

A modern cowhide rug from Hyde and Hare can thus be a wonderful addition to your sleek living room or even a bathroom. Clean-lined furniture and millennial-inspired details are extremely complementary with animal prints, such as rugs.

If you have pieces of more traditional furniture that you don’t want to get rid of, then feel free to furnish them, and then blend them with more contemporary artwork pieces.

5. Placement plays a big role

You can find the most artisan cowhide rug, but that’s not going to mean a thing if you don’t place it properly. The placement of a rug plays a huge role, as it also determines the final look of any space. In this case, it’s even more essential, since cowhide rugs tend to be more eye-catching than traditional monocolored ones.

When you have such an eye-grabbing detail, it’s crucial to place it, so it will seamlessly blend into space. Also, room use is of big importance. For example, placing a cowhide rug in a dining room requires you to consider the placement of chairs and tables first. Therefore, feel free to play around and experiment with different placements until you find the best solution.

6. Use it in a bathroom

Source: decorpad.com

A beautiful bathroom speaks a lot about the rest of your home. Hence, a cowhide rug can have a dramatic effect, especially if your bathroom is big enough to withstand different décor ideas. A cowhide rug can make your bathroom look more elegant, and contemporary, mainly if you prefer lavish elements such as golden taps or luxurious tiles.

Nowadays, there are ethically-made cowhide rugs that come in different colors such as gray. Choosing something like that can drastically improve your bathroom space. In case you feel like a cowhide rug is an odd place for a bathroom, in reality, it can be a perfect spot for this type of decor piece.

7. Beach house style

Source: independent.ie

Beach house décor style revolves around the inspiration derived from the sea, and beaches, of course. A cowhide rug can be a lovely element, as long as it’s fit well with other furniture and décor pieces. Also, a piece that is known to stand the test of time, such as a cowhide rug, can undoubtedly, infuse the room with some extra timeless elegance.

So, feel free to use it and then add your own artistic accents such as photographs, for example. Pop art has become a classic décor style, and cowhide aesthetics go extremely well with it.

8. Use an oversized rug for your bedroom

Source: pinterest.com.mx

The bedroom is your safe place from everything bad that happens in this world. Sure, the rest of your home matters, too. But, a bedroom is where you sleep and relax, so it’s essential to make it warm and cozy.

A cowhide rug is a perfect way to add more coziness to any space. Use an oversized rug and place it under the bed, making sure that the whole bed fits underneath, preferably including the nightstands. That way, the rug will fade into the background while still providing the room with texture, color, and some visual interest.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a single decor element that is versatile and fun, then cowhide rugs are your safest bet. They can be either warm or cool, depending on the color, shape and size. Also, other decor details matter as well. Using this type of rug will surely improve the overall vibe of your home.