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6 Tips on How To Decorate Your Walls With Paint By Number Paintings

by Tracy Finke

Paint by numbers is one of the favorite activities of children and adults. It is a picture, which actually has the concept of a coloring book, but certain segments are marked with numbers, and each number indicates a corresponding color. There are also kits that you can have fun with, regardless of your age.

But did you know that you can apply it in your home space? For example, in the children’s room, you can determine a small part of the wall on which you will draw a sketch, which your children should paint. But you can also be more creative and do the same in other parts of the home. The result would be a great creative mural, and you can get a unique work of art like no other around you.

There are different types of paint by numbers wall decorations. Some are made directly on the wall, and others are on canvas, so you can really choose what you want and what you think will most easily fit into your home.

If you look at thepaintingkit.com you will find many interesting ideas, but you can also order the kit you want. There are many motifs, from flowers to animals, landscapes and nature. Depending on your preferences, you can even make a DIY project for the weekend and enjoy it with your family.

As for the decorations, you can try different ways. Place them in rooms and hallways, and even in the children’s room.

We will suggest a few ideas, but they can serve as ideas and boost your creativity.

1. Wall puzzles

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These are smaller canvases with unique drawings, which after you paint them, you can assemble on the wall and get a bigger picture. This is an interesting way to stimulate your creativity, as well as get your children to learn something more about the logical connection between colors and numbers.

2. Create a story on your wall

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You can order custom canvases and paint them, and then arrange them on the wall in a way that will tell a story. This way you can constantly enjoy the unique designs that you have made yourself.

3. Canvas in different sizes

To add playfulness to your home, choose canvases with different shapes and sizes. That way you will be able to give a personal touch to the interior. Even the coloring process will be more fun and you will be able to be more creative with your ideas.

4. Design of your choice

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You can order a canvas with a design of your choice. You can use some of your photos or drawings of your children. Is there anything more beautiful than having real valuable art at home? This means that you do not even have to invest in expensive art when you have the real value in your hands.

5. Copies of famous works of art

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This does not mean that you will have a replica of the Mona Lisa or the works of Van Gogh, but something that is roughly inspired by them. The good thing about these copies is that children can learn a lot about world art, but also recognize styles and colors and shades. It will also look really great on your wall.

6. Portraits of celebrities

Instead of magazine posters, your kids can create their own art with their favorite bands and actors. Even if they do not turn out perfectly, you can explain to them that many artists became famous only because of the unique imperfections in their works. It will be a great motivation for them and next time they will be able to paint by numbers paintings even better.

Benefits of a painting by numbers

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Both adults and children can benefit from this activity. It can be really fun for the family, which means you can work on creating moments that the kids will remember forever. Also, painting by numbers can be an interesting idea for socializing and even for charitable activities. For some people, this is also a form of meditation and expression of creativity.

Other benefits include reducing stress and anxiety, mental training, improving attention and concentration, boosting cognitive functions, and at the same time improving patience, tolerance, and personal satisfaction. The benefits are similar for children and adults. Of course, both categories can be involved in these activities and together create interesting art. If nothing else, at least the time you spend with children, family, and friends is fun and quality.

At the same time, paint by numbers can help you learn the basics of painting. It’s a great way to find your hidden talents and then create works of art from scratch.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to use all the ideas and ways we have listed, but with your own personal actions. Paint by numbers canvases is another proof that when there is talent, age really does not matter.

Many people who buy such canvases use them only as a basis so that they can make the works look even more beautiful. Don’t you think this is another great gift idea for your loved ones?


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Using paint by numbers is very simple because it is up to you to use the right colors in the right sections, so you can create art yourself. Additionally, you combine them on the walls as you would any other work of art. Be creative in what you do and you will create a unique look for your interior. Of course, do not forget about the general benefits that we have listed in this article. Art inspires, and when you have talent and creativity, you can easily make a unique look on your walls.

Paint by numbers is an ideal way to start embracing artistic talents and use them in your home décor style.

Order your favorite sketch today and you will see for yourself what we are talking about. You will be very grateful to us for discovering this unique way of decorating the walls in your home.