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Ways to Use an iPad to Increase Business Productivity

by Elsa Stringer

Most people use their iPads to read e-books, to scroll through the social media content, watch YouTube videos, and play games. But, real businessmen and company owners know that these devices can be an extremely good business tool, that can help them to increase productivity.

Why use an iPad for business?


As we know, the iPad is a tablet device by Apple, that is capable of business use in so many ways. For example, you can download a lot of applications that will help you organize the job and increase the team’s productivity. It’s a lightweight device that can be personalized and branded with a suitable iPad case. Check this site customlogocases.com to learn how to choose the best company cases.

You need to use a large screen iPad that works with LTE, so you can always access your files, wherever you are. Hide the notifications, so they won’t distract you from your working tasks. You should always back up the data. Use cloud memory that you can access every time you need it. Maybe it seems like an ordinary mobile device, but you need to know that iPads are more than that.

Here are a few ways of how the iPad increases your business productivity:

It’s lightweight and portable


You can use your iPad to take notes on business meetings because the paper pads are so last century. Keep a step with modern technology and replace the old writing pad with a brand new iPad and download a beautiful note application from the AppStore. Every note you take is digitalized and ready to share with the rest of your team.

You can easily prepare a presentation for your coworkers and sync the device with the company’s cloud memory, so they can access the files. Your iPad can also memorize the notes by listening to the voice and automatically writing the sentences down, which is even better than taking notes by yourself. Also, you can always record the lectures and meetings and use them later.

Easy to share files with your coworkers


Today’s iPads have all the necessary features, just like an average working computer. You can use the iCloud or similar apps to share, distribute and access different files you need for your work or send them to the printer’s memory, so the document can be printed by the time you access the printing machine. Your company’s iPad will help you save a lot of time and be more productive, without losing precious minutes of searching through the paper documents and presenting them to your coworkers.

Portable digital organizer


You can synchronize and digitalize the company’s phonebook, and have all the emails listed in one simple, but powerful gadget. Organize your mails, contact lists, files, and notes by using a suitable application. Your iPad will help you save a lot of time and money on simple tasks. You can use it for e-banking transactions, even when you are on a lunch break and the financial task is urgent.

Excellent for online meetings

During these hard times, due to the coronavirus crisis, many companies need to hold their meetings online on a daily base. Apple’s iPad has a great camera and even better applications, like FaceTime, that will help you meet with your coworkers when you need to work remotely. If you all use iPads as a working device, the communication is even easier and low-cost.

Can iPads be used in any business?


These devices can be used for almost every business. You can write emails, share your reports, create and send e-brochures, view and edit Microsoft Office files, create charts and diagrams, sketch, draw and even design simple graphic designs. Then, you can hold online meetings, manage corporate documents and data, keep medical information about every employee, ask Siri to do some simple tasks for you, and follow your general business performance.

Apple’s AppStore is full of productivity applications that you can download on the device. If you’re afraid that the employees will use it to play games and spend a lot of time on social media, you can always monitor their productivity and sync the data with your own iPad. That will help you see who of your coworkers is good, and who wants to procrastinate.

Your iPad can be a great productivity tool if you know how to use it for business purposes. That means that it can be used in the financial sector, telecommunications, medicine, pharmacy, electrical engineering, computer science, and IT. You only need a proper free or paid software so you can get the best of your device.

In 2011, when the iPad was relatively new to the users, one survey showed that more than 1,000 active users said that it helped them to be more productive because it had a larger screen than their smartphone and it was well-optimized for work. In 2024, many companies decide to buy working devices so they can always be connected with coworkers and partners all around the world.

Many companies around the world use their iPads to increase productivity and make the business more efficient and profitable. These devices are not just for games and chatting all day. They are a powerful business tool that can help you be more productive, by accessing all the data and files you need to finish the tasks and complete your daily job on time.

Which iPad is the best for business?


The good thing with iPads is that you don’t need to have the latest model to get the maximum performance. But, we can recommend you to choose the models that support 3G and 4G, so you can use it everywhere. Also, you need to take the one with a large display, so you can clearly see the details.

Every year, Apple announces which model will still receive updates, so if the latest models are too expensive for you, you can always go with the last years. Choose the iPads because it’s easier to synchronize all of the devices you have in one big cloud. That will be harder if you take devices that work differently.