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8 Easy Upgrades Every Pool Owner Should Consider – 2024 Guide

by William Gist

Summer is just around the corner and it’s highly unlikely that a lot of people will go on vacation due to this pandemic. That’s why you should consider doing certain upgrades to your pool as a way to better relax in what is said to be one of the hottest summers ever.

But if you have no idea what upgrades to make, here’s a 2024 guide of easy upgrades that every owner should follow. Without wasting too much time on it, let’s start.

1.  Indoor Seating


A relatively new trend is to set up seating within your pool. This gives you the chance to drink a nice refreshing beverage while relaxing inside the water.

When buying the necessary chairs for the job make sure to get ones that are made out of a material that doesn’t get damaged through long exposure to the water.

2.  Lighting


Lighting makes every better; especially LED lighting. What better way to give your pool a bit of flair than with LED lighting that will illuminate during the night and make the relaxation that much better.

The great thing about LED is that it can be used in all shapes and sizes and can completely cover your entire pool. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest you place the LEDs on the inside and either on the bottom or the sides.

This will create a nice environment and set the mood for night bathing.

3.  Outdoor Seating Area


It seems that creating a seating area is something of a trend that regularly appears on every DIY manual.

Only with rest & relaxation will we get by this summer, and creating a seating area right next to the pool will make for some pretty great relaxation.

An outdoor seating area is probably the thing you’d want to do, but you’d also want to have natural shade protecting you from the deadly rays of the sun.

You can rest, relax, invite guests, and even dine. And whenever you want, you can simply hop for a nice refreshing swim.

As a general rule of thumb, make sure to always go for a material that doesn’t get damaged through exposure to water.

4.  Solar Cover


Maintainingthe swimming can sometimes be a very expensive task. However, that’s a problem of the past when using a solar cover for heat retention.

Solar covers are exactly what they sound to be. They’re large sheets that go over your pool to improve your its heat retention.

This makes your pool heater more effective by providing up to 75% more protection from heat loss and evaporation, but it also protects your wallet by lowering the costs for heating.

And to top it off, it will also protect your pool from any unwanted critters going inside and leafs falling in it.

5.  Pool Pump & Chlorinator

A pool pump will make your life that much easier by making sure things run smoothly and nicely. This is one upgrade that you should definitely consider and even make first.

It is an easy upgrade that all it takes it buying. But you’re getting so much out of it in return. For example, a pool pump will lower your monthly maintenance bill by circulating and filtering the water and returning it fresh and clean.

A pool pump is considered by every expert as the heart of your swimming pool, and this heart is made out of three parts. While we won’t get into any specifics, we will talk a bit more about the chlorinator as the next thing to get.

The chlorinator is nothing but a little device that works in accordance with your pump system by being attached to the filtration system. The chlorinator, as you might expect, releases chlorine into the water and clans it automatically.

These two make sure that no bacteria or algae get formed inside the pool, making them an upgrade of vital importance.

For more information about pumps and chlorinators, make sure to click here.

6.  Salt Water Chlorinator


When on the subject of chlorinators, the science behind it is that it releases a material that cleans your pool. But that material doesn’t always have to be chlorine; it can be saltwater.

Regular chlorine is considered very outdated and very not-cool. While it does a great in what it’s supposed to do, it is slowly being replaced by saltwater.

Chlorine is used widely in pools, but it isn’t that safe a chemical since it causes irritations. Saltwater, on the other hand, doesn’t cause any eye or skin irritation and doesn’t require regular replacement in order to be efficient.

To put it simply, saltwater generators are much safer, requires less balancing, and operate through a simple formula of adding quality salt to maintain hygiene levels.

And as an icing to the cake, we should mention that saltwater feels very soft and smooth compared to chlorine. This upgrade will be one of the costliest, but it will give you so much in return.

7.  Monitoring System


There isn’t a better way to monitor your pool than with a monitoring system. But this system doesn’t monitor human or animal activity inside the pool, it monitors balancing levels.

With this tool, keeping a watchful eye on the pool’s saltwater or chlorine levels are made easy. This tool is quite possibly the best upgrade that a pool owner could make for the purpose of preventing their pool look like a swamp.

And the best thing about these tools is that they aren’t expensive at all. All you have to do for it to monitor chlorine or saltwater levels is to simply place it inside the water.

8.  Waterfall


What better way to make your pool look like a fountain than with a waterfall. This upgrade is very straightforward and very self explanatory.

But there is a catch to it. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, waterfalls are also a brilliant way to circulate the water in the pool while also making it look hip as hell.