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7 Unusual Christmas Traditions From All Over the World

by Elsa Stringer

Everyone considers Christmas as a fun time, but since there are 195 countries in the world, we all celebrate it differently.

1. Spain


In Spain, people make defecating figurines. This tradition started in Catalonia. El Caganer (The Crapper) starts to appear weeks leading up to Christmas. These are the ceramic figurines of a Catalan peasant wearing a native red cap.

2. Venezuela


In Venezuela, mass-goers roller skate to church Christmas is one of the most exciting holidays in Venezuela. Even the government supports this tradition, so they close the streets.

3. Japan


In Japan, winter holidays are celebrated by eating KFC.

4. Norway


In Norway, people hide their brooms. Even though most consider Christmas as a celebration of love and happiness, in Norway, it is not the case. People there believe that wicked spirits fly the sky. So, in order to prevent them from getting stolen by evil witches, they hide all the brooms before they go to sleep. The explanation for this is that brooms are a mode of transportation for these creatures.

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5. Austria


In this country, a scary-looking creature looks for badly behaved children.

6. Germany


In Germany, people hand pickles on Christmas trees.

7. Sweden


In Sweden, people erect a giant straw goat. Goats were supposed to help Santa deliver gifts during the holiday season. The strangest thing about this tradition is that someone always tried to burn the goat no matter how hard the local officials try to protect it.