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15 Brilliant Ways to Make Your Christmas Tree Pet-Proof

by Tracy Finke

It’s not easy to celebrate the Christmas holidays if you have a lively pet. Both dogs and cats can be destructive for the sake of having fun, but what can be a silly pastime for dogs, can be a distinct sensation to cats.

Namely, felines, according to the owners, consider the ornate Christmas tree a mortal enemy.

It is assumed that with their fantastic sense of touch and hearing, they perceive the flow of electric lights flashing as a danger, but there are also cases of attacks on ornate Christmas trees without lights.

Here are 15 easy ways to make your tree survive the holidays.

15. Put it upside down

Image source: Facebook

14. Hook Christmas decoration to the ceiling, without the tree

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13. Replace the Christmas tree with pine tree car freshener

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12. Make a fake tree out of green and brown blankets

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11. Protect the tree in the shower cabin

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10. Make a cage around the tree

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9. Put ornaments just on the upper part

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8. Wrap it

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7. Put it on a vacuum cleaner

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6. They can never catch a portal Christmas tree

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5. Put it in a bell

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4. Buy half of the Christmas tree

Image source: hips.hearstapps.com

3. Decorate a cactus instead

Image source: sopitas.com

2. It’s still a Christmas tree

Image source: www.watson.de

1. Put it on a balcony

Image source: teotrandafir.com