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Unfortunate for the World: Travel Bans Came a Bit Late

by Elsa Stringer

It was just a piece of news that was ignored when a doctor in Hubei raised the alarms for a virus that was soon to become a Global Pandemic. The world leaders were too late to react. Initially, the US put a ban to direct flights coming from China only, although the need for double-check someone’s background history was underestimated.

What was required to be done?


In the world of globalization, a disease rising in one place would eventually affect the world community. A virus to which no cure existed and the speed at which it had spread was enormous and each one of us got clueless how to cope with it. China, though a bit late, was quite lethal in implementing the lockdown and the reports are coming they have got rid of this pandemic inside China.

The individuals who had a travel history to China continued to roam around and the virus was bound to spread because of this. Now we have learned a lesson hard way, just impose travel bans and create a lockdown situation with the emergence of the first case like this. If not these steps, a public awareness program should be initiated so that precautionary measures are implemented straight away by the masses.

The individuals suspected should be quarantined immediately and governments should ensure that preventive measures are in place at initial warnings issued by the Health Experts. We hope that any negligence will not happen in the future and it remains a life lesson for all of us.

What about Travel Bans Now?


After being hesitant for a considerable period of time, now almost all the countries and Europe have put a ban on International Travel. The flight operations are limited and only natives can travel back to their countries after being quarantined for fourteen days.

It has sent shockwaves to the economy of the global village and protectionism waves have become implemented in the most natural way. The international trade has been hit worse than ever and oil prices war is making the situation even more miserable.

Travel bans will continue for months even if the situations start to get under control. The fear of this pandemic rising again will have a long-lasting effect on the travel policies of the countries. Once we get rid of this, travel bans will gradually be lifted and a new type of screening will be installed at the airports.

Firstly, we got our luggage checked and some background police checks, next we will have complete health checkup before a foreigner would be allowed to enter a particular country.

So, if you are a frequent international traveler, get ready to make ques for getting health reports verified. Most probably visas will only be issued to the individuals who will have clean health records for themselves. The precautionary measures issued by WHO should inculcate into our daily routine habits to be safe from these types of diseases.

Where we are heading now?


Now, almost all the major cities are in a complete lockdown situation and a mass campaign has been launched to make people aware of the importance of quarantine and social distancing. You should not be worried and getting panicked will only worsen the situation. There are plenty of home based business ideas that you can still try to explore for yourself.

Also, we should remain hopeful that a vaccine would be soon developed, we need to find activities that would help us grow in the future. It has been quite a distressing time for all of us and real economic challenges lie ahead for most governments around the world.

The problems continue to arise as internet traffic has grown significantly. The hacking attempts and their threats are looking at large for most of the newbies who weren’t accustomed to so much use of the internet. The VPNs like mentioned here Coincierge.de should be installed instantly in your devices to protect you from these kinds of attempts.

As we’ve discussed above, international travel has already been affected and will take a completely new shape at the airport’s individual health checking levels. A new wave of social distancing will hit the masses and it is quite important too. Second wave of the virus has already hit China and we also need to vary of that factor also.

Nature has shown its might and even the powerful countries’ healthcare systems are forced on their knees. Only economic packages announced from World Organizations and Governments around the world can provide relief to the people. Otherwise, the families that were running on hand to mouth are in deep trouble already.

It is time to think about the community collectively


Collective effort can only stop the disastrous effects of this Pandemic. The threat of deaths from hunger is much more than Covid’19. Chinese government effectively rolled out the food supplies when it implemented a fierce lockdown in the Wuhan Chinese Province. When governments are weak, the responsibility then lies with the community to come to aid for each other.

If there is any family that is worst hit by the repercussions of this economic lockdown, then society members can collect funds from each other and contribute towards the food supplies. The health supplies can also be provided if necessary.

The transport industry needs to continue to function to ensure that the essential supplies do not get into a shortage. For these to meet, the factories behind products need to continue to function with full force. This is a kind of scary situation governments are facing. Even lockdowns can’t prosper for long.

The dilemma of the situation is now we need to self-analyze ourselves and implement self-discipline regarding precautionary measures and social distancing. If we won’t do this, we will be putting our own family and friends at risk. So, it is advised to all that they remain safe, follow the local government’s order and make a collective effort to prevent anarchy situation.