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What is Ultherapy and Its Benefits – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

Ultherapy is one of the best skin tightening and lifting treatments to get fit skin. The positive point is that no surgery will be involved. Therefore, only through a non-surgical ultrasound lifting procedure, your skin will become tighter and better fitting. Furthermore, it only takes an hour of time and you will become years younger.

Women want a perfect look but with sagging skin and wrinkles, it doesn’t look that good. Therefore, they undergo various treatments only to get rid of sag. Contrary to what they claim, these treatments involve some risk factors. But that’s not the case with Ultherapy. It is a completely non-invasive treatment that is also FDA-cleared. Thus, you will get your lines and wrinkles improved and get rid of the sagging without any potential risk.

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How does it work?

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Ultherapy works by increasing the collagen production of the skin. The main purpose of collagen is to increase the elasticity of the cells. Thus, it slows down the aging process by keeping the cells firm. Consequently, you get a youthful face with fewer wrinkles and lines.

What happens in Ultherapy? This collagen building treatment focuses on ultrasound energy and goes deeper into your skin cell. Therefore, collagen production will be increased from the deepest cells. Thus, the effect will also be long lasting.

How long it last?

Furthermore, this collagen will last for around 2 to 3 years but of course, your skin condition matters. If your face has to encounter several harsh conditions, you will need to get the treatment annually.

Areas to focus on?

Usually, the focused area for Ultherapy is your whole face but the brows, neck and cheeks are prioritized. Therefore, if you do not have that much budget or you only need to deal with specific areas that can be done too.

Surgical process vs Ultherapy, what’s best?

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A surgical facelift is not an easy option. Furthermore, it involves several risk factors. After a surgical facelift, you will face redness and itching or even numbness. But these are only some temporary issues, surgery is not possible without anesthesia, so that risk is also involved. Moreover, there might be fluid accumulation, any sort of infection, bleeding, facial nerve injury and much more. In addition to all this, you might have poor wound healing. Consequently, you might get scars and skin loss.

These are the risks involved in getting surgical treatment. Therefore, a lot of people step back from it as it is quite a painful thing to go through. Contrary to this, Ultherapy is a completely safe facelift treatment. The only cons involved are the results will not be instant but that doesn’t mean it will take weeks. You will definitely get effective results in few days. Furthermore, if your facial skin is too much saggy, Ultherapy won’t be that effective.

Apart from these, there are no significant cons regarding this facelift treatment. Furthermore, you won’t have to face any pain, it will be like applying some nourishing cream to your face.

Popularity of Ultherapy

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Women want to remain young and fresh therefore, facelift procedures are quite a hit. But not everyone can afford the luxury of getting such expensive treatment neither can they bear the consequences. Furthermore, because of the surgical process and the risks involved with this technique many people avoid that.

Therefore, when Ultherapy was introduced, it began to gain attention. You won’t have to bear pain or undergo surgery and yet you will get a firmness. In addition to the non-invasive point, this treatment is also quick. It will only take an hour if you want to treat your face and neck.

Thus, if you take a salon session or undergo Ultherapy, it’s almost the same time. No one will notice that you did some sort of treatment and yet you will look amazingly beautiful. Furthermore, with time, your skin will look more firm. So if you are aging, you should prefer an annual treatment so that your collagen production remains functional.

Another reason for the popularity of Ultherapy is its long-lasting effects. You will observe a bit of instant facelift right after getting the treatment. But with time, your skin cells will look more nourished and fresh. Furthermore, you will also observe an evenness in your facial color and a defined jawline. Consequently, you will also observe an improvement in the overall skin texture.

So what’s the losing point? No need to get rest or avoid socialization to prevent people from seeing that you got a facelift. No one will notice that.

Benefits of getting Ultherapy

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The popularity of the treatment shows it has a lot of plus points. Therefore, here are some of the benefits of getting Ultherapy.

  • It stimulates the deep skin tissues to increase the collagen production level
  • Provides a visibly firm and tighter look
  • You will get the results in just a single treatment
  • It is quite a comfortable procedure
  • You won’t have to encounter anesthesia risks, as involved in a surgical facelift procedure.
  • The results are long-lasting, collagen levels will be increased for about 2 years.
  • You will observe instant facelift but with time, your skin color, appearance and firmness will improve.
  • It is a treatment with zero downtime.
  • You won’t have to undergo any pain or uncomfortable experience

Cons of Ultherapy

Although it is an amazingly great facial treatment it might not be that effective for certain cases. For example, if you are above the age of 80 and you have extremely saggy skin, this treatment won’t be effective. But of course, the skin condition, age and sagging level determine whether the treatment will be effective or not. In addition to this, if Ultherapy is not completely effective, you have to get a combination of facelift treatments.

Although it is an extremely safe and effective facelift technique there are cases of mild soreness. Therefore, if you get a bit of redness after the treatment, it will be resolved in a few hours. No need to panic over that.