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Trump Now Accuses Obama of Mishandling Swine Flu Pandemic

by Sinisav

NEW YORK POST – 05/10/2020: Donald Trump is not one to sit back and stay quiet. Because of this, the former US President Barack Obama didn’t have to wait too long for his response. On Sunday, POTUS attacked Obama and his administration for their handling of the swine flu pandemic. If you didn’t read one of our previous articles, Obama called Trump’s coronavirus crisis handling an “absolute chaotic disaster.”

On his Twitter account, Mr. Trump wrote: “We are getting great marks for the handling of the CoronaVirus pandemic, especially the very early BAN of people from China, the infectious source, entering the USA.”

Donald Trump

Source: nypost.com

The first part of the tweet is dedicated to self-praise that President indulges in. But, the second part is used to rip into Barack Obama. Trump added: “Compare that to the Obama/Sleepy Joe disaster known as H1N1 Swine Flu. Poor marks, bad polls – didn’t have a clue!”

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Swine flu pandemic occurred back in 2009, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 12,469 people lost their lives as a consequence of this virus. For comparison between two disasters, according to Johns Hopkins University, 78,799 people lost their lives to COVID-19. These numbers show only the situation in the United States.

Mike Pence, the current vice-President, also voiced his support for President Donald Trump and his handling of the ongoing crisis. On Twitter, Pence wrote: “Under President @realDonaldTrump’s decisive leadership, @fema has been able to deliver millions of supplies and PPE to the people of Iowa as we continue our whole-of-America response to the Coronavirus.”

Trump also called for the reopening of America, pointing out that his golf courses are already opened: “Game on! We are thrilled to announce the reopening of @trumpgolfla beginning Saturday, May 9th! We look forward to welcoming you back Book your tee time now!”

Source: nypost.com