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Top Traits of a Professional Interior Designer

by Edvard Berlusconi

Considering a home renovation? Looking for ideas to furnish your new home? Interior designers’ job is to help you materialize your vision for your home’s look. Of course, hiring a top-notch person for the job is not an easy task. Generally, it’s expected that a good designer will have good taste when it comes to the interior. However, several other factors make up for a professional interior designer, and therefore you should pay attention to them when looking for one.

They love decorating

First and foremost, it’s important that the interior designer you’ve hired loves decorating. Obviously, when someone loves what they do for a living, they do it genuinely and without the need for external motivation. If you’re looking for someone who knows how to decorate a small apartment or someone experienced in designing bedrooms, visit The Design Story and find the interior designer that best fits your needs.

They have a winning attitude


Of course, nothing is possible without believing in yourself. Professional interior decorators definitely possess this quality, and that’s the main reason they can easily conquer any challenges. This is because they are able to see the possibilities, no matter the situation. Moreover, it’s imperative that the person that you’re hiring will do their best to make the most of what they have.


Additionally, having the drive to continue working on a project even when there are tough challenges ahead will ensure a successful outcome. The ideal designer will always try and outperform themselves in order to meet your interior look needs.

They are hard-working by nature

Another main quality of a professional is that they’re hard-working by nature. After all, you’re dealing with your home, and you must be able to trust your designer and their ability to meet your deadlines and budget limits.

They are great at listening and communication

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To interior designers, understanding the customer’s vision and ideas of how their home must look is the most important thing. Therefore, a good designer is the one that can listen to you. Although you hire a decorator for their professional skills, it’s always vital that your home reflects your own personality, and for this reason, the interior designer should comply with your wants and needs both aesthetically and functionally. 

In addition, a decorator may have to deal with various contractors as well as customers with different personalities, so they should be able to communicate and even mediate or negotiate in order to find a resolution to a certain clash of opinions or misunderstanding.


Obviously, creativity is key, so it mustn’t be compromised when it comes to home interior decoration. Even though you may not be willing to add new, earth-shattering décor to your home, your decorator should definitely have what it takes to make everything look original and unique in its own way.

They pay attention to the details


In order to make sure that a home’s interior is really unique, one must pay attention to every detail. This is the main step to bringing a room to life as details can make a beautiful space even more special by bringing the little touches. 


Like any other job, working as an interior designer also requires some special licenses. In most cases, designers are required to sit for the licensing exam. The conditions of becoming a licensed interior designer are different across the world, but it’s always a good idea to ask for and read testimonials about your designer.

Knowledge in the field

Along with creativity and attention to detail, professional interior designers have a diverse knowledge of the various styles. This gives them an advantage when designing entire homes and in most cases customers want each room to complement the others in style, the designer has to make sure that the rooms look similar but unique at the same time. For this reason, it’s good to have a deeper knowledge of the styles, techniques, and aesthetics and how to combine them or mix single elements.



Although most of the time, you’ll be working directly with your decorator, he or she will need to hire some contractors to complete the design of your home or room. To complete the task, a professional designer must be able to multi-task by coordinating the construction workers while balancing everything within your budget limits and deadlines.

Planning and design know-how

According to the American Society of Interior Designers, one of the essential qualities of a designer is the ability to plan a space according to a client’s needs. This means that such a designer should be able to visually render his plan with drawings, design software, or scale models so that the customer can see the designer’s ideas. Proper planning must be accompanied by a certain level of knowledge on how to use colors, lights, furniture, flooring, and fabrics, as well as the ability to arrange all these elements artfully.

Interface with architecture


Last but not least, a professional interior designer should have a certain sense of place and respect for the architectural setting. The best case is when design and architecture overlap seamlessly, starting from the floor and transitioning to the harmonious material palettes.

Final Thoughts

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To conclude, having a certain level of knowledge of the traits that a professional designer should possess will help you find the best decorator. If you’re looking for a place to find some of the best professionals in the field, Swiss Interior is one of the top interior design firms in Singapore, that could be a reference on how and what should a firm like that offer.