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Know What Type Of UPVC Windows Fit Your Bill

by Edvard Berlusconi

With power bills reaching astronomical levels, it is time to explore more energy-efficient options such as UPVC windows. UPVC stands for un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride which is hard as well as inflexible. They are basically a great alternative and are just what you need for your window frames. What makes the UPVS stand out is that they happen to be non-conducive and can help you retain a constant indoor temperature.

Apart from this, they happen to be more durable and resilient to various weather conditions as compared to materials like aluminum and timber. These other metals are susceptible to rot and split in the longer run. Thus, the combination of these window frames along with double glazed windows may provide you with the perfect energy-efficient solution. It will also help reduce those huge power bills in the process.


How much does UPVC window cost?

When it comes to this type of windows, you need to have double glazed windows installed for the windows to be energy efficient. Although, as for the cost of these UPVC windows, it depends more on the size of your property and on the number of windows that need to be installed. When it comes to the cost of installation, you may want to know that these windows tend to be less expensive than aluminum, or timber. Apart from that, the additional fact is that these windows are more durable and resilient than either of these two materials.

When it comes to installation, you may want to get a rough estimate from some of the local vendors. You are bound to be surprised at the ‘low cost’ factor, which is the main reason for you to opt for these windows. Different vendors have different installation charges. It completely depends on the quality and finishing of their work. The final price tag is relative and it depends entirely on the size of the property as well as your current requirements. If you want to check online offer of these windows, check out doubleglazingfunding.co.uk.

Funding options:


The good news is that the government provides several funding options to help you finance your installation. While the UK government no longer has the ‘green deal’ in place to help fund your double glazed windows and UPVC installation. However, it does help in providing Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grants with which you can help fund your double glazed windows. So, you may not have to foot the entire bill and moreover, with some of these grants, you may not even have to pay anything upfront and get the double glazing for free.

Essentially, you need to be on a low income to become eligible for these government grants. While the ECO grants are generally aimed at enabling homeowners to make energy-efficient changes to their new homes, you can use the same for your double glazing and UPVC window installation. You may also want to check in with some of the top leading window companies as they offer easy financing options.

Essentially, you would have to pay a small amount upfront with the company covering the rest of the double glazing installation which you can pay back over several years with small interest payments. However, you should be able to pay off the financing fund with the amount you save on your power bill because of the UPVC installation. Just use the easy funding checker to see if you are eligible for any government grants and you should be able to reduce the overall cost of this window and door installation.

Why choose UPVC?


Here are some of the reasons as to why you may want to opt for the UPVC windows and doors at the earliest – Check them out.

  • Good insulation: It is estimated that homes in the UK lose nearly 15% to 20% of their heat through windows and doors. Although, with UPVC, you should be able to prevent the same as well as ensure that the ambient temperature remains constant.
  • Energy-efficient: These windows and doors are more energy-efficient. They insulate your rooms better and ensure that no heat is lost. As a result of this installation, you should be able to lower your overall power bill. It is estimated that average-sized homes can reduce their overall power bill by 15% to 20%
  • Aesthetics: When it comes to aesthetics, UPVC windows and doors certainly lend your home some elegance and beauty. They can certainly help your property to stand out for the right reasons.
  • Maintenance: When it comes to maintenance, just make sure that you wash your double glazed windows regularly. Rub it down, especially around the frames and that should do the trick.



Thus, it is a good idea to opt for these windows and door. However, the type of these windows that fit your bill are based on the design you choose and the vendor that installs it. Although, if you opt for the basic design of the window and door, then it will not be that costly for you.