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Top Gifts For The Handyman

by Jajce d Muckic

It’s a common saying that you shouldn’t give a handyman a tool that he will never use. As many people have no clue what handymen actually need, it can be rather frustrating for the man when he sees that you’ve bought him a pair of “high tech” rubber gloves from Best Buy. The person in charge of all the DIY’s in the house should know that every gift should be carefully looked. Often times DUY’ers end up with stuff that they don’t need, and they don’t help out in any way shape or form.

So because of that, we’re going to help you out by telling you about the best gifts you can buy a DIY’er.

And while there are plenty of handywomen out there, this article will serve you as a buying guide for the best gifts to buy for handymen and handywomen.


1. Deluxe Clamp Lamp Light

Handymen (and handywomen) will always require good lighting whenever they work around the house. It is precisely the reason as to why a simple deluxe clamp lamp would be the perfect gift for a DIY’er. This cool and simple gift is also useful for photographers and even artists. It is a straightforward lamp that can be attached to your wrist and can illuminate the way. The lamp is quite practical and quite cheap, if we may say so.


2. CLC Custom Work Gloves

Handypeople tend to wear their old gloves to the point of disintegration before they replace em with a new pair. Whenever you see that your handymen require a new pair of gloves, these are the types of gloves you should be looking at. Always look for gloves that are shrink resistant, insulated, and flexible. The gloves should withstand most common types of damage and serve as protection while working. If you’re on the online market for a pair of work gloves, check out some of the best deals they have over at CouponsPlusDeals.


3. Crescent Wrench Multi-Tool

We all love those little Swiss knives type of tools that have every single tool under the sun in its inventory. Well, how about we make that even better with a multi-tool unit that has a wrench on it? Wrenches are hard to come by; however, they make a huge difference on the job. This little tool might even be the best gift you can get for handymen.


4. LED Headlamp Beanie

We mentioned the importance of lighting while working. We even mentioned a lamp, but how about a beanie that can illuminate the way for you? The recent trend of LED headlamp beanies is a trend that simply said, will not go away. They are lifesavers during the cold months, and they will work just fine with handymen, and handywomen. This gift is so versatile that it can even be used for evening jogging sessions, biking, and even those who love to fish.

5. The Original Do It Yourself Manual

If the person who’s supposed to receive your gift has just gotten into handiwork, or simply loves a good DIY, then how about you get him a gift that he will use for the rest of his life? We are talking, of course, about the original Do-It-Yourself Manual from 1973. The book is a bestseller and it has even been rewritten to maintain relevancy in today’s world of handymen and DIY’ers.