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Choosing Perfect Scented Candles for Your Wedding

by Nicola Holder

Scented candles can add a special touch of elegance, ambiance, and fragrance to your wedding day. From the ceremony to the reception, candles help set the mood and mark this meaningful occasion.

When selecting scented candles for your wedding, you’ll want to consider the venue, season, wedding theme or colors, and personal preferences of the bride and groom. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect scented candles for your special day, also more useful information you can find at theacandleco.com.

Types of Scented Wedding Candles

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Pillar Candles: Slender, cylindrical pillar candles are commonly used in candelabras during wedding ceremonies. They’re available in varying heights and diameters. For unity ceremonies, many couples use two pillar candles of the same size and scent.

Votive Candles: These short, stout candles are ideal for lining aisles, accenting reception tables, and creating ambiance. Votive candle holders range from simple glass to ornate silver, gold, or crystal.

Container Candles: Often used to anchor reception centerpieces, these candles come in jars, tumblers, bowls, or other containers. This allows the candle to produce an even, long-lasting scent.

Floating Candles: For a romantic look, floating candles are placed in glass vases or bowls filled with water. The water helps disperse the scent.

Tealight Candles: Tealights, or miniature candles in metal cups, offer subtle fragrance and a warm glow. They can be used in clusters for centerpieces.

Taper Candles: Tall, slim tapers tend to accentuate fragrance. Use them in candelabras or taper holders on tables.

Novelty Candles: Some couples give guests novelty candles like star-shaped or heart-shaped. These can match wedding colors and themes.

Popular Wedding Candle Scents

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When selecting candle scents, consider seasonality, venue, and wedding theme. For example, fruity or floral scents suit spring or summer weddings, while warmer fragrances like cinnamon and vanilla work well for fall and winter events.

Here are some top scented candle picks for weddings:

  • Vanilla – A universally appealing scent, vanilla works for any season or theme. It has a comforting, soothing effect.
  • Lavender – This floral has stress-relieving properties. It’s perfect for outdoor weddings and goes well with purple or blue color schemes.
  • Jasmine – As one of the most popular wedding flowers, the intense jasmine fragrance acts as a beautiful reminder.
  • Rose – Another wedding flower favorite, rose candles smell fresh but not overpowering. They complement pink or red themes.
  • Lilac – The light, sweet scent of lilacs heralds springtime. Use it for cottage-themed weddings.
  • Peppermint – An invigorating scent, mint pairs well with chocolate or coffee notes. It’s ideal for winter weddings.
  • Champagne – What better way to set the mood for a celebration? Champagne candles add effervescence.
  • Citrus – Uplifting scents like lemon, orange, lime, and grapefruit suit summer weddings. They smell clean and fresh.
  • Ocean Breeze – Capture the seaside with refreshing ocean candle scents. Use them for beach weddings.
  • Pumpkin – For autumn weddings, embrace the fall season with spiced pumpkin, apple, or cinnamon candles.
  • Pine – The outdoorsy pine scent works well for winter forest weddings or during the holidays.
  • Cedarwood – Choose woodsy, earthy cedar candles for rustic barn and country weddings.
  • Fruits – Strawberry, peach, watermelon, and other fruity fragrances say spring or summer.
  • Spice – Warm candles like clove, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice complement fall and winter themes.

Candle Fragrance Intensity

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The intensity or strength of the candle fragrance matters too. In large reception spaces, you’ll need to use strongly scented candles or more of them to fill the room. For smaller venues like chapels, lighter scents are usually sufficient. You can control intensity with the following factors:

  • Candle wax – Soy wax tends to offer stronger scent than paraffin. Natural beeswax has only a light honey aroma.
  • Wicks – Larger wicks mean more fragrance released as more wax burns.
  • Concentration – Check the fragrance concentration or ratio for the scented candle. Higher percentages mean stronger scent.
  • Quantity – Simply using more scented candles increases the collective fragrance.
  • Cohesiveness – Choose one signature scent for all the candles, instead of many competing fragrances.

No matter what type of wedding you’re planning, scent can evoke the desired emotions. Take time to decide on your perfect wedding candle fragrances. You and your guests will treasure how they made this momentous day even more magical.

Candle Safety Tips

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While candles add beauty and fragrance to weddings, safety should also be a priority with open flames. Here are some quick tips:

  • Use sturdy non-tip candle holders secured on stable surfaces.
  • Place out of traffic areas and away from flammable materials like curtains.
  • Position votive and container candles in glass holders or on flame-retardant materials.
  • Don’t leave lit candles unattended. Designate someone to monitor.
  • Keep matches and lighters safely out of children’s reach and away from open flames.
  • Use LED flameless candles near foliage, fabrics, or for centerpieces with children nearby.
  • Check if venues have restrictions on open flames. Many do not permit taper candles.
  • Provide snuffers for promptly putting out candles at the end of the event.
  • Let candles fully cool before moving to prevent spills.

Wholesale Candles for Weddings

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To save money on your candle budget, consider buying candles wholesale. Finding vendors who offer wedding candles in bulk can cut costs. Here are some shopping tips:

  • Check out wholesalers online for the widest selection and convenience. Search for “wholesale wedding candles” or “wedding candles in bulk.”
  • Ask your wedding planner or venue for wholesale candle suppliers they recommend.
  • Search locally for candle makers, candle supply stores, or florists that sell bulk candles to weddings and events.
  • Shop for candles out of season when fewer weddings occur for potential sales and promotions.
  • Buy simple white candles in bulk which you can later embellish with ribbons or flowers.
  • Purchase basic glass vases and candle holders wholesale then customize later.
  • Buy in large quantities for the deepest bulk discounts, splitting orders with wedding planner friends.
  • Make sure wholesale wedding candles have return policies, in case you over-order.

Shopping wholesale for scented candles can make achieving your dream wedding easier on your budget. Just remember to factor in enough lead time for shipping and handling of orders. Working with reputable suppliers ensures you receive high quality products on schedule.

Agree on your favorite scents with your fiancé. Select meaningful candle fragrances that will infuse your ceremony and reception with romance and warmth. Let your candles create an inviting glow while also wowing guests with wonderful aromas. With the right scented candles, you can set the perfect mood for your wedding.