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Low Profile XY Table

by Edvard Berlusconi

Meaning Of XY Tables

We have to give you brief enlightenment and review or what XY tables simply mean and some simple functions that they perform before we talk about low-profile XY tables. XY tables are known for providing a two-sided or parallel directional movement for automated types of machinery such as robotics arms.


All in manufacturing firms where robots are used to do work. Because of the very fact that so many robotics arms have restrictions to move their arms to a particular degree, the XY tables is just the remedy to such situations. The help XY tables would provide is by making the availability of a good parallel movement type as quoted earlier. Another name that can be used to replace the XY tables is XY stages.

Since the XY table moves in a parallel direction, which is powered by a linear motor, it provides enough support and aid for any automated types of machinery. The major aim of using XY tables in industries or any other applications of its use is because it provides a good range of positioning and a parallel direction movement that keeps my work going.

Low-Profile XY Tables

A low-profile XY table from Intellidrives.com is a well-known solution for automated types of machinery also. It has been used or tested by many industries or systems and also accredited for its usefulness. Even the smallest type of businesses and private people who manage their workshop where they make use of woodworks and metals makes good use of low-profile XY tables to handle lots of tasks that needs it.


At this point, you might want to ask a good question such a “Why do people decide to settle for less and make use of the low-profile XY tables? “.  Well, that is a very good question to ask.  We would enlighten you on the reasons why people choose to utilize the low-profile XY tables. To know the real reason why people decide to use the low-profile XY tables, you should get to take your time and go through the benefits and advantages of using a low-profile XY table that is outlined below;

  • Efficiency

If you’ve had access to a standard XY table, you should have discovered that the whole process of mounting and dismounting it could be a bit frustrating, especially when the space in the workshop is small in size. And this would reduce your efficiency at doing work. A low-profile XY table still can perform the same work that a standard XY table would perform not minding the size of the office. Therefore making use of low-profile XY table in an office would make more space available for work and also boost your efficiency to do work.

  • Easy Installation

 Because of the big size and much weight that the standard XY table has, it takes much time to install and in some cases, this installation process could become difficult to carry out alone. But the low-profile XY is a different case of its own. It has a lightweight and it is not a bit stressful when it comes to installing it. You can easily carry out the installation process alone in your workshop or anywhere.


  • Travel Range is Adjustable

In situations whereby the standard XY table is unable to carry out a work that seems so large because of its little travel range, the low-profile XY table is just the right remedy for such events. This is because it is so adjustable and has a good travel range of carrying out jobs with large objects within your area of operation.

  • High Accuracy

 With merely looking at a low-profile XY table, you might be short-sighted to think that the size of it would determine its accuracy in carrying out work. And therefore term it as an inaccurate tool. You are wrong. Although the low-profile XY table would appear small in size, it has the capability of providing you with an accurate job. You should also note that with the low-profile XY table having a wheel and has been marked, you can easily adjust it to any mark you want.

These few uses show how important a low-profile XY table could be.