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Top 5 Tips for Gentlemen

by Sinke Car

Do not hate the player; it is better to hate the game itself. You know that everyone plays their game at the very beginning of the relationship, pretending to be distant and dignified. And do not say that you have never played it! Even gentlemen play it from time to time, let alone charming ladies. Some games are beneficial, while some other ones lead to failure. What should gentlemen take note of if a “hard-to-reach” woman has caught their attention? According to primedating, many men just don’t know how to date a girl right to get the most out of it. 

Make sure she really plays “hard-to-reach” game, and not just very busy

Everybody hates the phrase “I’m busy” and can take that as an excuse. However, a woman can also work 15 hours a day. Our crazy pace of life is very favorable for this. Well, if you are attracted to a typical businesswoman, then her behavior is nothing to be surprised at. This is a reality! It is likely that she cannot reply to your message or call back. Most women are focused on their career development nowadays. By the way, your darling can still be a single mum, and her priorities are a bit shifted. This has nothing to do with her unwillingness to spend time with you; she just really does not have this time. Wait a bit. You will quickly find out who is pretending and who is busy.

Do not try to ask a woman out on a date at the last minute


Many women prefer to not go on a date if it is offered at the same day. There is always an exception to the rule if, for example, you have got tickets for an exclusive concert or performance, but now we are talking about the initial stages of dating, so be careful. Romance has not died yet, and a woman often rejects a spontaneous date, not thinking about her “hard-to-reach” image, but she needs time to trust a man. She wants to be cared for; she wants to feel special and not be a backup plan. If you are interested in dating, plan it in advance and give the woman time to become ready for it.

If a woman really plays this game, play along with her


Everybody knows that there is often a struggle for power and supremacy in a love game. It’s like a game of volleyball when you pass each other a ball and beat it. Begin your courtship and surround your woman with care, but if she pretends to be “hard-to-reach,” step away for a while. Stop calling, writing messages, sending flowers, and giving all sorts of signs of attention for a couple of days. She will get in touch herself if she is interested in you, of course. Do not be offended and sarcastic; just play a little bit in this “volleyball.”

If you get acquainted on the Internet, don’t delay the meeting in real life for too long


When you get acquainted with a girl online, don’t forget about the fact that you have never met in person yet. A woman needs to hear your voice, feel some vibrations and the reality of your person. In our mad and fast-moving age, we have lost sight of the quality of communication, spiritual closeness, and ability to talk. Fortunately, you can call her at least.

You met online, then you met in real life, but she still uses a dating site

So, you met several times, but you still see her online on the dating app, and she pretends to be “hard-to-reach” one. In some situations, this is true, and you are not the hero of her novel, but in others, it is worth finding out the reason. Sometimes, online dating resembles a huge supermarket that is open 24/7, allowing you to make purchases at any time. You may have had a wonderful weekend with a girl, and then you saw her online on this site again. Alas, it is the essence of online dating. She may sincerely want to meet with you, but she is still looking for a better option. She might be recently divorced, or she just broke up, and it’s not the best time to start looking for a new soulmate. Probably you should talk and sort things out.