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Top 5 Things To Do In Malaysia

by William Gist

Malaysia is located in Asia, in the Malay Peninsula, and with a total landmass of 300,000 square kilometers, it is one of East Asia’s most successful and powerful countries. The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is one such powerful financial and business hub.

Malaysia is home to beautiful islands that have amazing beaches, breathtaking mountains, and even a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The countries diverse culture is the byproduct of the sizeable Chinese and Indian population located in Malaysia.

With so many things to do in Malaysia, it can be hard to compile them in one list. But we are going to try, none the less, and give you the best 5 things to do in Malaysia.

1.    Visit the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur

The Petronas towers are often called the Petronas Twins because they are two identical towers who are also the highest twin towers in the entire world. That’s some statement if we take into consideration Arab architecture in Dubai and Japan’s relentless strides into creating architectural goliaths.


But none the less, the Petronas Twin Towers are something that Malaysia can be proud of. The main attraction of these towers is the sky bridge that connects them, which you can walk over.

2.    Trying Out Local Cuisine

Malaysia has rich cuisine due to the mixture of cultures. One of the most famous Malaysian dishes is the Nasi Kandar, which is actually a byproduct of Tamil and Malaysian culture. But one thing that tourists tend to try out is applying for cooking classes while in Malaysia.


The New Malaysian Kitchen, which offers Malaysian Cooking Classes, is one of your best picks to learn how to cook Malay food. With so many popular dishes out there, learning how to cook Malay food might serve you well and even impress a few people.

3.    Sunbathe on Langkawi


Langkawi Island is an archipelago of over a hundred islands located in the Andaman Sea. Out of the hundred islands, only two are inhabited and Langkawi is the larger of the two with almost 60,000 inhabitants. Langkawi Island is a popular choice for both honeymooners and casual travelers alike due to the magnificent gold-like beaches.

4.    Sample the Culture of Malacca


Malacca, also known as The Historic State, is a state that has some of the most interesting architecture in all of Malaysia. The state gets its name due to the Malacca Strait, and it was formerly colonized by the Portuguese. Even since the time of colonization, Malacca houses a large number of buildings from their Portuguese colonists such as Christ Church. Malacca is a place full of culture and historic interest as it is filled with museums, galleries, and lots of places that showcase the rich history of this place.

5.    Trekking in Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara National Park is the largest and most popular national park in Malaysia and it is located in the state of Pahang. What makes this national park unique is that it features the longest ever rope walkway in the world. This national park has more than 100km of trekking trips and it is filled with lush vegetation and diverse wildlife. The national park is also home to an indigenous tribe called Orangi Asli, or the Original People in English, which is said to be the first people to ever inhabit Malaysia.