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Top 5 Tech Gadgets That Fit In Your Pocket

by William Gist

Electronic is getting much smaller and smaller, and we all seem to have our own choice of must-have gadgets that we do not leave home without. You surely already have a smartphone with you wherever you go, but why not have e few more conveniences?

If you are in the market for some cool add-ons or some new tech, we have made a list of pocket-sized devices to add to your daily routine. If you know where to look, you will be able to get affordable prices on SD cards, headphones, portable speakers, key finders, and more. You can find individual reviews for all of these on hotrate.com.

Here are some of our favorite pocket tech devices.

Tile Mate Item Finder


One of the biggest drawbacks with cool and small gadgets these days is that you can lose them pretty easily. If you need some help to keep an eye on the small stuff, the Tile Mate item finder is just the thing you are looking for. This keychain-sized Tile is only 1.3 inches long and just 0.3 inches thick. Simply attach this tracker to any item you want to track and then you can use the Tile app on your smartphone to locate it wherever it is. You can also find nearby lost stuff (like at home) by remotely making the Tile ring, vibrate or flash.

A single Tile can cost you around $20, but you can also get a four-pack of these for just 50 bucks.

Amazfit Bip Bluetooth Smartwatch


This might not be a tech gadget that you will put in your pocket, but it is still small and you can wear it throughout the whole day. This smartwatch is an affordable and attractive entry-level timepiece that can sync with your iOS or Android phone and can send notifications or receive incoming messages similarly to an Apple Watch. This device has a bright display that is always on and is pretty easy on the eyes. The battery can last you an entire month before you need to do a 2.5-hour recharge.

Tunai Button Bluetooth Media Controller


This tiny media controller is just 0.2 inches thick, weighs about 0.50oz and you can use the Bluetooth at an amazing distance of about 40ft. You can use this media controller to answer calls or activate your Bixby, Google Assistant or Siri with just a button press. You can set or search for reminders and alarms, take and make calls, all without even touching your phone. Check out Tunai-Creative for this cool pocket-sized gadget.

Any Power Bank


With so many cool gadgets in your pockets or on your wrist, it makes sense to have a good power bank with you at all times. Just make sure you get a big enough battery, so you can charge both your phone and your gadgets. A 10,000mAh will be more than enough.

Portable SD Card Reader


SD cards are an effective and cheap way to move or transfer data, but not all computers have slots to accept them. This is why carrying a portable SD Card Reader wherever you go is a great idea. You can get these gadgets for just around 10 US dollars, which is a great price.