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Amazon Tap VS Echo – Which Is Better?

by Elsa Stringer

In the modern world, there is a bigger demand for the smart speakers, and the vast majority of people simply go either for Amazon Echo or Google Home. People would think that the competition between this is a normal and natural one, but it is actually very brutal. The reason for this is the fact that the biggest competitor for Amazon Echo is starting to be something that comes from one of its parent companies.

Amazon Tap

When Amazon Tap was released, it was unnoticed at first. However, not a long time passed and it was noticed that this was actually a smaller and cheaper venison from the other product offered by the same company. In essence, this is a kind of a portable Bluetooth and it also has a Wi-Fi.


This speaker is also equipped with dual stereo and it can be also added that it has Dolby type of processing. This actually enables the speakers to have a crystal clear sound and there is also the bass response which is extended. The audio provided is the one that covers 360degrees and it can be also dealt with through Alexa, also made by Amazon.

A button needed

When it was released, many people simply did not notice it since it was a bit weaker than other similar products on the market. One of the main things that people saw as a bas sides of it was the fact that it was needed to press a button so that Alexa would start performing commands. The reason for this was the fact that other similar products on the market actually provided voice commands that were hands-free.

Amazon Tap vs Echo

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However, Tap is also now available in hands-free mode and it now stands side by side with Echo. This practically means that users can use Tap just like any other best speakers in the world, i.e. through the voice commands from any point in the room. One of the great sides of Tap is the fact that it is portable, so, it can be used anywhere. On the other side, Echo is not portable and it needs to be plugged in in order to work. You can use Tap for all eight hours before its batteries die and need charging. Both Tap and Echo can be installed by the usage of Alexa Skills Kit.

We should also mention that Tap has the capacity of echo special perception. What does this mean? Practically, if it happens that there are two Alexa devises nearby, the closer one would recognize and perform your command.

So, in essence, Tap and Echo have basically the same functions and they can do the same things. However, Tap has the advantage of portability and it is also cheaper for 50USD than Echo.