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Top 5 Reasons by Deperlite to Buy Linen Sheets

by Edvard Berlusconi

When talking about sleep, it is often mentioned that 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day is the recommended daily sleep time for most people to recuperate and recover. However, what is not talked about is how good sleep hinges on the quality of sleep but not necessarily the hours of sleep.

You can get as many hours as you want of sleep, but if you are always waking up, twisting, feeling hot, uncomfortable, and irritated, then your sleep will naturally be inadequate. This is why sleeping on the right mattress with the proper sheets and pillows is very important to provide comfort and a right balance between warmth and coolness, which is a characteristic of linen.

Linen will improve your sleep:


Most people struggle with sleep for so many reasons. Though on average people as much as they should be, they are not sleeping well. Sleep hinges on the quality of the time you are sleeping. Having a dark room with no light coming is crucial for rest, phones and laptops should not be allowed in the bedroom in the first place, and the temperature of the room needs to be on the colder side. This is why sleep is generally more profound and more relaxing in the winter; this is because night time is longer, and the temperature is colder.

Linen sheets are the best fabric to sleep with:


Sheets become essential at this point because they provide comfort to the body in softness, and it makes your body cooler. Not only that, good quality linen sheets will adsorb the body from moisture, which is different from absorbing. Adsorbing will take moisture from your body and bind with it, which is different than cotton. Cotton will absorb moisture, but you will sleep feel that the sheets are almost wet. This is something you will not encounter with linen because it will consume nearly 20% of its weight before it gets wet. Cotton only needs a drop of sweat or water to be soaking wet.

Linen sheets have a high level of high air permeability and heat conductivity properties; this means that the fabric will make warm you up in the winter, and cool you down in the summer. That is why linen sheets are very versatile in each climate or weather, unlike cotton, which only works best for dry climates.

Linen is a clean fabric:

A little known fact is that linen is a spotless fabric that repels dirt. It is also antibacterial, and it is recommended for people with skin conditions, allergies, and children. Linen is also anti-static, and it balances the PH of the skin for those with changing skin conditions. Despite its softness and shine, linen is twice as durable as cotton, and it can last for decades as an investment.

Linen is eco-friendly:

Linen is environmentally friendly because the seeds that make the stalk linen and the fiber is used for many applications clinically, and it does not use any plastic. Linen is also a renewable resource, biodegradable, and it needs no irrigation.

Linen sheets look best in the bedroom:


There is a reason why high-quality beds will almost always have linen in their fabric composition. This is because it looks better than most types of fabric, and they provide a soft touch. Cotton almost disintegrates in the air slightly, which is why you see the small dust particles in the morning from some pillows. Linen is a very durable and soft material that gives a beautiful shine and can change the way your bedroom looks and feels like.

The best place to go if you want to improve your sleep, in this case, is for example DEPERLITE. This French company makes top-grade products that are sought after in the market because of the high-quality it gives. Their products are limited because they focus on quality and not mass production. In addition to that, they are a company that cares about the environment and focus on making eco-friendly products for their clients. That’s the reason why we mention them among many other linen sheet manufacturers.

Linen sheets are a very beneficial investment because they provide such a high level of comfort and softness. They will improve your sleep and take your bedroom look to the next level thanks to the shine and aesthetics of the fabric.