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Top 5 Cities That Can Be Your Home

by William Gist

Deciding to move and live abroad can be a big decision, but it can be a wonderful experience that gives you a chance to explore a new area of the world. Living in a different city can allow you to change your life for the better, learn to face new challenges, and build your character. If you are ready to take the step and experience a new lifestyle, here are some of the best cities you can make your home.

1. Berlin


Berlin has become one of the most popular and livable cities in the world. Germany’s capital is spacious and not crowded, very safe with a lot of fun things to do. From cafes, bars, restaurants, to street food, art galleries, and music venues, there is a lot to explore and it is a multicultural city that is friendly towards non-German speakers. No matter how long you plan to live there, you can find many different types of accommodation for rent. The city is full of non-furnished apartments, one-bedroom studios, but also furnished apartments that will make your transition easier. If you are interested in learning more about, you can visit farawayhome.com.

2. Vienna


Vienna, once the capital of the Austrian Empire, is full of palaces and buildings that are associated with the imperial family. It is a pretty safe city to live in with great infrastructure, education, and healthcare, although most locals speak basic English only. Still, there is a lot of history and culture to explore while living in Austria’s capital which is also bustling with concerts and festivals in the summer. There are many rental options to meet your budget and preferences whether you choose to live in the city center or on its outskirts.

3. London


London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but it is also one of the best cities to live in. It is a multicultural place where the old mixes with the modern and the vibe and overall buzz make it a great place to stay. There is so much to see and do, so you do not have to worry about ever getting bored, but also about your safety. Accommodation comes in different types from shared houses, one-bedroom apartments to some of the best luxury apartments you can rent while living there. The transportation system is great and there are a lot of restaurants, bars, clubs, you can go to when you are not busy, as well as a lot of historical places, museums, shops, and more.

4. Prague


It is a clean city, full of friendly people and things to do. It is isn’t crowded, but it definitely offers a lot to explore. Full of pubs and cafes, Prague also has many beautiful churches, a castle, and cobbled streets. It is a charming city that is safe and great for English speakers. It might even make you want to live in it forever.

5. Munich


Munich is the most visited German city, right after Berlin. It is a safe city that offers a lot of great restaurants, bars, historical buildings, and beautiful gardens. Everyone speaks English and it is easy to find work as well. Apartments are abundant for rent in Munich from studios, two-bedroom apartments, and more. The rent depends on which part of the city you decide to live in, however, if you are looking for more comfort, Munich provides some great service apartments as well. You can expect to see a lot of tourists and foreigners during the annual Oktoberfest which is surely a very exciting event to experience.


Living in a new place can be intimidating, especially if you are starting from scratch. However, if you are truly willing to immerse yourself in a different culture, live a different lifestyle, and make unforgettable memories, not only will you gain invaluable experience, but also gain a sense of accomplishment.