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How to Rock Leather Travel Bags and Purses: The Top Fashion Tips to Know

by Ingeborg

Killer lipstick? Check.

Flashy pair of shoes? Check.

Sleek and trendy handbag? Check.

Nothing completes an outfit like a high-quality handbag from www.handbuiltleather.com. From professional ensembles to date nights downtown, don’t leave your bag at home.

How can you pair leather travel bags with your clothes to create an eye-catching ensemble? We’ve outlined ways to wear your handbag like the boss lady you are.

What Should I Wear With My Leather Travel Bag?

Every woman needs a closet full of travel bags. Leather handbags add an extra layer of spice to an otherwise ordinary outfit. They match perfectly with a pair of pants, a minidress, or your sleek leather culottes.


1. Your Favorite Pair of Leather Pants

Is there anything chicer than a sleek pair of black leather pants? Probably not.

Whether your leather go-to pants are a straight leg, ankle cut, slim, high rise, or something in between, they match perfectly with a clean travel bag.

To complete your killer look, finish the outfit with a pair of minimal sandals. This seasons must-have is square toe silhouette sandals.

This outfit can be worn to work, happy hour, or for a romantic date with your boo. You can pack for every occasion thanks to this material clutch at your side.

2. A Chic Minidress and Knee-High Boots

Ready to strut your stuff and turn heads? Pair a leather minidress with your favorite knee-high boots, preferably leather ones if you have them. Add your purse to pull the look together and make you stand out wherever you go.

This look is perfect for a Friday night party or a Saturday evening bar-hopping with the girls. Minidresses are cute, but one made from this material paired with a travel bag adds a splash of sexy sophistication.

3. Your New Pair of Culottes

Thank you, Instagram, for spreading the culotte trend around the world. Culottes provide the appearance of a skirt with the comfort of loose pants. They’re breezy and easy to wear while still appearing sophisticated.

Culottes paired with booties are an exceptional work look. Match your favorite purse with the ensemble, and you’ll be sure to turn a few heads when you stroll into the office.

Why Choose Leather Travel Bags


Why are leather handbags an essential component of every woman’s closet? Purses are stylish, resilient, and environmentally-friendly.

Handbags and wallets are naturally durable. They are less likely to rip and tear compared to synthetic bags. While a purse may be at the top of your price range, it’s guaranteed to last you for years.

Authentic bags aren’t coated in chemicals like other materials. They’re safe for people with sensitive skin as well as biodegradable. Creating bags is an Earth-friendly process that doesn’t involve polluting the environment.

Finally, bags have a trendy and timeless appearance. Pairing a bag with your look instantly makes your outfit classy, sophisticated, and fashionable. It’s the easiest way to take an ordinary outfit to the next level.

Pick out Your Perfect Purse


A trendy leather handbag is a girl’s best friend. Your trusty handbag takes an outfit from drab to fab. Whether you’re heading into the office or embarking on a night out on the town, don’t leave home without a leather purse by your side.