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Top Seven Places To Visit in Arizona

by Edvard Berlusconi

People love to travel and adventure. Many places and cities are beautiful that you must put on your list. Arizona is one of the states that you might put on your bucket list. They have so many sites that are jaw-dropping for sightseeing. The state has many beautiful locations, especially canyons, that are worth visiting.

Here are the top seven locations that you must visit in Arizona according to touristsecrets.com

1. Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon is the top state that you must visit when you’re in Arizona. If you want a place that you can take the best selfie picture, this is the best site for you. With the gigantic rock size, the views you will see on the edge of the canyon is astonishing. 

With the geological formation of rocks and it’s height, the view on the top of the canyon can be called “one of the best views in the whole world.” It’s not exaggerating that the Grand Canyon is the best location that Arizona can offer.

2. Sedona


The second best place to visit when you’re here is the Sedona. There are many national parks in Arizona that you can visit, but if you want an outdoor adventure, Sedona is the right place for you. With the gigantic red rocks that were shine by the sun, blended with a blue sky and clouds, and a dramatic but color landscape can make the view mesmerizing.

The beautiful lake of Powell also surrounds it. When you’re at the bottom of the Gigantic red rock, the dark water surrounded by a perfect rock landscape can be an ideal place for dates with someone you love or with your family. With many formations of the gigantic rocks, you can enjoy the view to its fullest as it has a different perspective for every angle of rocks.

3. Phoenix


Phoenix is the state capital of Arizona. The capital can offer a lot of things for the tourists. They have many great theatres that they can offer, museums and even entertainment. Shopping, bars, and restaurants must also be in your bucket list. If you love playing golf, they can provide you with two hundred courses to play sports golf.

4. Canyon de Chelly


Canyon de Chelly is one of the national monuments in the state. Throughout the history of this canyon, many massacres happened in this canyon with the US and Spanish military. Even with its dark past, it can be said that this place is one of the top sites that you must visit here.

This canyon has excellent views. Sitting on the edge of the rock and look as farthest as you can see can somewhat make you feel relieved with its views.

5. Tucson


Tucson is a University in Arizona, which is fun to visit. The people at this university are friendly. They also offer a nightlife, comparison with the best nightlife that you already encounter or maybe even better. Tucson is the second-largest city with a rich history. 

6. Monument Valley


If you love watching movies, Monument valley often appears on TV or movies. With its geological flatforms surrounded by dessert and rocks can be attractive to the eyes of many people. With a vivid red platform, just standing on the top of the rock figure waiting to see the sunrise will be the best sunrise view you will ever have.

7. Tombstone


This town was known as a site of Gunfight. Because the town was preserved with old school design, many tourists attracted by the concept of the town. There is some occasion that can be seen performing a gunfight.


Without a doubt, Arizona is one of the best places that you have to visit. There are many places and locations where you can really enjoy yourself. If you want an outdoor adventure and you want to relax, Arizona is a great match.