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How To Become A Better Apex Legends Player?

by Jajce d Muckic

There is not a single doubt that Apex Legends is one of the most popular online games in the world right now. Millions of players want to be in that one remaining squad and therefore win the match. If you are spending hours in front of your computer in order to improve your skills, but are still not satisfied with your progress, here are some tips you can use to become a better player.

When playing a game like this, it is important to always stay near your team, and that is the first advice we have got for you. This is an action game that moves rapidly which means that your enemy might be just around the corner without you knowing it. When you are outnumbered and under an attack, winning that battle is highly unlikely. You should always follow the position of your team members on the map and try to stay close by. This is the only way to increase your chances of survival.


Since each member of the team has a unique set of skills, and those skills complement each other, it is of crucial importance to stay in close vicinity of your squad. In other words, you cannot win or even survive on your own. Think about your characters and decide on your roles carefully e.g. Bloodhound should be on the frontline, while Lifeline should stay at the backline. Certain tasks can only be fulfilled by some players which is why it is of considerable significance to act as a part of the team.

Here is another trick when it comes to flying – instead of going in a diagonal line to your destination, you should fly straight until you have picked up velocity and then glide until your speeds drop a little bit. Even though it may seem odd, but by repeating this method you will get to your goal much faster thus increase your squad’s chances of winning the next battle.


Furthermore, you should work on improving your movement skills. Since this game offers fast-paced movement system, you have to master it as soon as possible. Using sliding features as often as you can, will not only boost your character’s speed, but it will also make more difficult for your enemies to eliminate you, which is of great importance in a game like this. Plus you can also aim and shoot while sliding, and you can also climb walls that are up to three times higher than your Legend.

What’s more, keep your eyes open. As already mentioned above, this game can change in a minute which is why it is essential to always be on alert and get used to observing the environment around you in great detail. Look for things that may seem unusual and always check them for any traps of hidden enemies.


Lastly, we have got another piece of advice for you. If you want to have a chance to pick someone’s brain about the game, strategies, and tricks then you should visit platforms like Piratebay-Coaching. Here you will have the chance to communicate with players that have already master Apex Legends and are willing to help you do the same.

In conclusion, these are some of the many tricks you can use to improve your gamer skills. You can look for additional tips online or simply ask professional players for help.