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What Is The Best Madden Game?

by Elsa Stringer

1. Madden NFL ‘95

This one was released in 1994 and the release took place in that year so that the game could acquire all the needed licenses it needed in order to be approved by the NFL team. The game was great in the sense that it provided an attempt to bring NFL more realistic and closer to the masses in terms of making stadiums, player and everything connected to it as realistic as possible. Being the first one of this kind, it became an instant hit due to the fact that the camera covered a larger portion of the screen.


2. Madden NFL 2004

The very cover gives Michael Vick, one of the icons of NFL. It should be also noted that this game introduced something new in the franchise. More precisely, the best thing about this release was the introduction of the Ownership Mode which practically meant that you would get a game that could be actually played like Sims. This practically means that the players are now playing as the owners of the clubs and players that play for that club. In essence, a player of this game can now trade players, reconstruct the arena etc.

3. John Madden Football

We need to mention that the release of this one took place in 1988 and the significance of this one is the fact that it was the first game on the market that offer playing 11 on 11. This was a breakthrough since all the games at that time offered 7-on-7 playing mode. The game did not acquire the license from NFL so it does not have any real players, but it still one of the best and most iconic of the kind.


4. Madden NFL 13

The best thing about this one is that it can be connected to XBox Kinect which practically means that there is the possibility of voice activation. This was not all that was improved. The game is also the first one to include social networks involvement. More precisely, there is also the possibility of having Twitter feed during the playing of a game.

5. Madden NFL 25

The release of this one took place in 2013 and it was released on the 25th anniversary of the franchise. The improvements that it brought were in terms of the graphic options which actually lead to making the entire game-play and players more realistic. The thing that this one was also famous for is the fact that it now offered the possibility to use and play with the teams that once existed and played in NFL but they do not now.


6. Madden NFL 15

The best thing about this one is that the technology has been used a lot and this all lead to the fact that the game has impeccable graphics which is combined with great game-play options. It should be also noted that there are various defense options that will make playing the game even more interesting.