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Top 10 Best Places to Live in the World

by Dangula Bingula

Everyone can name their favorite metropolitan turf, and livability lies in the eyes of a beholder, or sometimes even ears. As nice as your location may be, only cities with the best quality of life such as healthcare and education make it to the top of the chart.

Clean air plays an instrumental role, which would absolutely knock out Beijing or Shanghai; two of the globe’s most lively but smoggy cities. According to the Mercer Human Resource Consulting, crime rate also kicks in, casting aspersions on magnificent cities such as Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro.

And across all lists, firmly liberal and robust democracies nestle the best places to live. Americans have a penchant for London’s jolly lifestyle and heritage. But as Amazing Moves stresses, you need deep pockets to thrive in London.

1. Vienna,Austria

Vienna tops Mercer’s 2019 quality of living ranking maintaining its lead for the 10th year. The Austrian capital combines grand imperial architecture, coffee buildings, and cozy wine taverns. It has exquisite Vienesse charm for those who thirst for authentic Austrian experience. Vienna boasts the best quality of life in the 2019 Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranking dominated by European cities. The city deserves its place in aces as the cultural, political and economic heart of Austria.


2. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city clocks in at the second place for total quality of living. Zurich was the runners-up in Mercer’s international study as the go-to destination for expats. The Swiss City is a vibrant metropolis crawling with classy shops, restaurants, timeless art, cafes, bars and thriving clubs. Zurich’s stunning setting is dissected by the River Limmat and hugged by snow-capped mountains.

3. Vancouver, Canada

Canada’s third most populous metropolis, Vancouver frequently comes near if not the top spot of the world’s cleanest cities. With the most expensive real estates, the city has the highest cost of living in Canada. Its mild climate has the warmest winters of the country’s big cities. Its home to a diverse community and has frequently made it to the top three of the most livable cities worldwide. The city has carved a name for its innovative drive in environmental sustainability, public utilities and inclusivity.


4. Munich, Germany

Munich offers a winning combination of healthy work-life, happy residents and efficient public services. The city’s public transport infrastructure is shipshape with safe and well-maintained streets. Munich’s airport interconnects to more than two hundred transnational destinations. It has eighteen universities swarming with international students and rich Bavarian heritage. The city’s strategic location near the Alps and natural wonders attracts tourists. Munich has low unemployment rates thanks to its robust economy.

5. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland has a number of features that corporations seek to establish headquarters and relocate expats. The city’s pristine environment, subtropical climate, stable politics and effective public utilities make it a candidate for metropolitan enthusiasts. Auckland’s clean air and water quality will continue to magnetize global talent.


6. Frankfurt, Germany

German cities dominate the top spots due to their improved education, health care, public services, affordable housing and respect of human rights. Frankfurt scores excellently with its economic, socio-political and cultural environment. Better infrastructure and attractive job perspectives make it universal to attract talent across the globe.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, the Danish capital has the accessible infrastructure sought by cyclists. It is renowned for its efforts to become a carbon-neutral metropolitan to steer clear of rising sea levels caused by climate change. The north of Copenhagen has exorbitant prices than the south. Its exclusive blend of culture, welcoming residents, well-oiled public transport, green spaces, sun exposure, global connectivity and subtle architecture make it special.


8. Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland offers many alcoves to thrive, but expats throng one popular destination-Geneva. The city’s multicultural vibe resonates with a vast majority of expats. It hosts the centers of many international agencies such as the UN. Switzerland has the lowest crime rates in the world translating to safety needed by expats. It offers top quality of life with efficient public transport, sanitation, healthcare and clean air.

9. Basel, Switzerland

Besides picturesque views, Basel’s secret to high-quality living lies in its extremely stable political and economic climate. It’s a small and cozy metropolis nestled in Switzerland’s northwest. Basel lives up to its name, The Art City of Switzerland. It has magnificent art scenes, Swiss architecture, and cultural attractions. Its proximity to France or Germany makes it a gateway for fast growing industries in chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


10. Sydney, Australia

Sydney seizes the top spot of the most livable cities in Australia. The gleaming and massive harbor bridge is the hallmark of Sydney. The coastal metropolis hosts more than five million residents making it the biggest city in the country. Also, there are Australian Wines You Should Try. Its chain of sun-bathed beaches strewn across its spectacular coastline carves a charming vacation spot. Sydney wows many hearts for its multiculturalism, coffee and natural splendor.