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5 Travelling Destinations Which Will Blow Your Mind

by William Gist

The world offers travelers so many paradise-like destinations that will make you think they’re straight from a movie. While there are hundreds of places that you can visit, that will leave a long-lasting impression of heaven itself, we’ve narrowed down the list to five.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into the top 5 travel destinations that will blow your mind.


Img Source: earthtrekkers.com

Located in Norway, Trolltunga is situated 2,300 feet above the magnificent Lake Ringedalsvatnet. This amazing traveling destination is the perfect place for the adventurous spirits and it involves up to 12 hours of hiking to reach. Trolltuga is only accessible from the small town of Skjeggedal, and it can only be visited from mid-June to early September. The destination holds resemblance to the iconic Pride Rock of Disney’s Lion King, and it remains a must-visit location on anyone’s bucket list. Trolltuga means “the troll’s tongue” and it is a natural marvel in Norway, one from the list of many. As soon as you’ll reach Trolltuga, you can see the magnificent Langfoss Waterfall and Lake Ringedalsvatnet itself.

Great Blue Hole

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You’ve all heard of the magnificent destination that is Belize, but have you heard about the Great Blue Hole? The Great Blue Hole is surrounded by crystal-clear waters and it is the perfect destination for those who enjoy scuba diving. This natural occurrence was firstly popularized by Jacques Cousteau, and it is home to beautiful coral reefs and giant stalactites.  It is located 50 miles off the coast of Belize, the Great Blue Hole is a natural wonder that many scientists have failed to find an answer to its inception. The whole is also hard to get to and it requires you to find a boat charter for the entire day. The Great Blue Hole is home to many secrets, and few people have the courage to enter and explore its depths, as quoted by Tourist Secrets.

Spotted Lake

Img Source: charismaticplanet.com

The Spotted Lake is located in British Columbia, Canada, and it is regarded as the most magical place in the world. During the summer, after the winter has settled down, the lake transforms into many polka dots due to the heavy minerals contained in its soil and waters. These minerals give the lake its look due to the evaporation. The lake is the size of five football fields and it is located six miles off the nearest town, Osoyoos.

Salar de Uyuni

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Bolivia is home to the world’s largest salt lake, which stretches across 4,050 square miles in all directions. Whenever you arrive at Salar de Uyuni, you will see white as far as your eyes could see, and to get the most out of your trip, you must visit it during the rainy season which is December to April. During this period, the entire salt lake is covered with a thin layer of water that will provide travelers a stunning mirror effect.

Hidden Beach, Marieta Islands

Img Source: Hidden Beach, Marieta Islands

Mexico is home to some amazing places that we could write an article on its own about them. But to top them all, we present you with the secret of Marieta Islands, the Hidden Beach.

Img Source: swirled.com

Located just 300 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, the Marieta Islands are a group of uninhabited islands with golden beaches that give out a paradise-like vibe to anyone who is fortunate enough to visit them. The islands are home to an abundance of wildlife and in the heart of it all lays the Hidden Beach, also called Lover’s Beach. This is a cavernous crater that was rated in the 1900s and it was created due to military testings in the area. The only way to reach this destination is through a sailboat, which doesn’t come cheap at all.